“It is urgent to reduce the working day to 30 hours and the repeal of the reforms”

“It is urgent to reduce the working day to 30 hours and the repeal of the reforms”
“It is urgent to reduce the working day to 30 hours and the repeal of the reforms”

The workers, the oppressed sectors and the poor people are suffering a deep cost of living in Brazil, inflation, hunger and unemployment. Check out what Marcello Pablito, worker at USP and candidate for federal deputy for the MRT, says about a way out of workers for this economic crisis that capitalists unload on our backs.

We live in a time of record unemployment, inflation and hunger. It is absurd that in the midst of this economic crisis, deepened by the pandemic, we have to face situations such as bone and garbage queues. Bolsonaro bears this responsibility, heir and implementer of attacks such as Temer’s Labor Reform, which he deepened with the Green and Yellow Card, such as the Pension Reform, which makes us work until we die.

It was this situation that led to the murder of Moise Kabagambe, a Congolese immigrant who was beaten to death when he went to claim his salary at a kiosk in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. possible to ‘negotiate directly with the boss’. It is this situation that is experienced by a mass of young people, mostly black, with a bag on their backs on top of bicycles, running more than 24 hours on end in deliveries by app, it is the situation of domestic app workers.

These are exhausting working days, in which black, immigrant workers are the most brutally affected, and which affect our entire class. Yesterday, we stood shoulder to shoulder with workers in nursing, the front line in the fight against the pandemic, who are faced with Bolsonaro’s denialism and the neglect of governors. It is a sector that works in more than one health unit to put food on the table.

Not to mention that August ended with an unemployment rate of 9.1%, but it came with the bitter taste of the precariousness imposed by the labor reform, historical record of informality and subcontracting of graduates according to recent data from DIEESE.

In view of this, it is urgent to reduction of the working day to 30 hours per week, without salary reduction, to fight Bolsonaro and unemployment, as well as the repeal of all reforms and privatizations. In the same way, it is necessary to distribute the working hours available to all workers, in order to unify the employed and the unemployed. Linked to this, that the salary is readjusted according to inflation.

Reducing working hours for all workers without reducing wages is a policy that would make it possible to eliminate unemployment, with decent wages. A proposal that goes against the grain and fights against labor reform, directly confronting the government’s policy of attacks against workers’ rights and against their lives. Also attacking the profits of those who exploit us. They want to continue keeping their profits and their luxuries, while the workers want a dignified life with health, quality education, this clash of interests is only possible to be resolved in the struggle.

Six hours a day, five days a week, so that young people can study and that everyone has time to enjoy their own lives. This policy attacks the capitalists’ profit and this system in which the lives of the vast majority of people only serve to be exploited to maintain the luxury of a few businessmen, politicians, judges and bankers; these are the only ones who can enjoy the world today.

That is why we also argue that in order to fight Bolsonaro, Bolsonarism, the reforms, it is necessary to overcome the conciliation of classes of Lula and PT, who are allied with Alckmin, already having Meirelles and FHC on their side, to guarantee that the reforms will not be revoked. How can we accept that Alckmin, a spokesman for Lula to calm businessmen, goes on journeys across the country swearing to industrialists that a Lula government will not touch any essential aspect of labor reform, as he has now done in Goiás? Lula has already assured many times that the labor reform will stand, to the applause of the reactionary William Waack, the employers and Temer, and now he says that the issue of reducing working hours must be left “to Congress”. That is, for the Congress that approved the increase in working hours and the precariousness of work. It is also worth remembering that it was in the years of the PT government that outsourced work tripled. It is a job for the majority of black women, which we also state that it must be carried out, guaranteeing their labor rights, without the need for a public tender.

It is the capitalists who have to pay for this crisis and we have to unify the workers, the oppressed sectors and the poor people, against the reforms imposed by Bolsonaro, STF, Congress, without alliance with the right. And, in perspective, fighting the basis of capitalism, for a society without exploitation and oppression”.

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