Tertulinho fails 3 times in murder and is ashamed

Tertulinho (Renato Góes) may even be the great villain of Mar do Sertão, but he is far from being effective in executing his plans. Since the beginning of the six o’clock plot, the rich man tried to kill Zé Paulino (Sérgio Guizé) when he was hospitalized in serious condition and ordered the murder of Adamastor (Everaldo Pontes). In the next chapters of Globo’s feuilleton, Candoca’s husband (Isadora Cruz) will attempt again against his rival’s life and ask Pajeú (Caio Blat) for his head.

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The arak antagonist will have his moment of outbreak in the scenes that will air from next Monday (26) in the story of Mário Teixeira. At this point in the plot, Candoca will have asked the boy for a divorce because she is convinced that their marriage cannot last after the return of Zé Paulino, who is the great love of the doctor’s life.

However, it is not the first time that Tertulinho has tried to solve some obstacle in his life based on murder. From the beginning of the story, the Mauricinho resorted to unthinkable attitudes to win Candoca’s heart.

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First ball out: Tertulinho has already tried to kill Zé Paulino

As seen in the soap opera, Tertulinho made no effort to save Zé Paulino from a car accident. In turn, the protagonist was lucky and survived the tragedy by being rescued by Adamastor.

The pastor, however, took the man to a hospital and made a point of warning the character played by Renato Góes that the sertanejo would need more care when hospitalized in the capital.

So, the rich man pulled his strings to remove his rival from the Canta Pedra region and took him to a new location. There, Tertulinho tried to turn off Zé Paulino’s devices, but was unsuccessful. He then ran from the hospital without even looking back.

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Second ball out: Tertulinho ordered the death of a witness

After José Paulino returned to the city of Canta Pedra in the second phase of Mar do Sertão, Tertulinho already tried to burn all possible evidence that could link the protagonist’s fake death to the villain’s involvement.

He then hired Mirinho (Lucas Galvino) to get rid of the shepherd. But, upon arriving at the veteran’s house, Timbó’s son (Enrique Diaz) discovered that his victim is blind. Repentant, he didn’t have the courage to kill him and returned to Canta Pedra with a secret. To the boss, the young man lied that the guy’s life ended.

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Third ball out: Tertulinho wants to kill (again) José

Mar do Sertão: Tertulinho fails 3 times in murder and is ashamed

After discovering that Candoca wants the separation, Tertulinho will confess his sadness to Deodora (Débora Bloch). The pampered’s mother, in turn, will pass the information on to Colonel Tertúlio (José de Abreu). The veteran will advise his son to change his strategy to win back his wife and ruin Joseph’s life.

For the first time, the young man will listen to his father and attack his rival. The rich man will discover that José is dying to recover his horse Maroto, which is owned by Tertúlio, and will sell it at a bargain price to Vespertino (Thardelly Lima) just to annoy him.

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The rival’s plan, however, will not work. Candoca will discover the cruel act of her ex-husband and will fight with him. Meanwhile, she will get even closer to Zé Paulino by agreeing to work with him to carry out modernization projects in Canta Pedra.

Such a situation will leave the character lived by Renato Góes completely scared and afraid of losing his own family that he will commit the madness of demanding the death of his rival for Pajeú. The new character of Mar do Sertão is a henchman of Vespertino who does everything for money. Wicked, he will generally frighten you, and by all indications, will accept the bloody service.

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The soap opera Mar do Sertão is written by Mário Teixeira and is currently shown at 6 pm on Globo. Previously, Beyond the Illusion, by Alessandra Poggi, was on the track.

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