Pregnant is found dead with her womb open; police investigate ‘ritual’

Pregnant is found dead with her womb open; police investigate ‘ritual’
Pregnant is found dead with her womb open; police investigate ‘ritual’

A 24-year-old pregnant woman was found dead this morning (21), on a plot of land in the city of Mogi-Guaçu (SP), near an area known as Monte Canaã. She had her genital region mutilated and her womb open, with her viscera exposed. According to the Civil Police, the lines of this beginning of investigation include finding out if any man with whom she had a relationship could be the author of the crime or if she was the target of some kind of ritual.

Horrana Karolin was found dead by a resident of the Jardim Canaã neighborhood, who called the city’s Municipal Guard by telephone. The corporation was at the scene on Wednesday morning (21), and guarded the body until the Legal Medical Institute (IML) arrived.

The shorts the young woman was wearing were tossed to her side, as were a pair of flip-flops. She was dressed only in a T-shirt when the officers arrived. According to the police, the young woman was seen by residents of the neighborhood walking in the vicinity of Monte Canaã on the night of the crime.

An agent of the Criminal Investigations Department (DIG) reported that, due to the brutality of the crime, the possibility of carrying out a “macabre ritual” in which Horrana would have been “sacrificed” is not ruled out. Another assumption is that the crime could have been committed by a partner or boyfriend of the young woman.

“She met a pretty tough gang,” a friend told the report, who asked not to be identified. “I even moved away from her a little bit because of that. But I don’t know what happened. She was really nice, she didn’t have a bad time. Everyone liked her.”

The victim had three children. Her ex-partner and the children’s father, unidentified by police, was the one who recognized the body.

The area where the young woman was found is known as Portal dos Lagos, located between the neighborhoods of Jardim Canaã, Jardim Eldorado and Lagoa Azul. According to the city government, the vacant lots located between these neighborhoods are all privately owned.

The place, which is in a peripheral region of the city, is surrounded by evangelical churches of various denominations, which use a wooded space in these lands for the practice of services and vigils in the open air. There is even an area where the clergy have set up benches for people to sit on.

“What is known is that many services are held in that area, many people look for that place to say prayers”, explained the DIG agent. The delegate responsible for the case, Dalton David Ferreira, requested forensic examinations at the place where the body was found.

A necroscopic examination of Horrana’s body was also requested, to examine the wounds. “From there it will be possible to find out what kind of tool was used to deviscerate the victim’s body, if she was killed before that, among other details,” said the police officer.

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