Costa and Montenegro meet again today to discuss methodology

Costa and Montenegro meet again today to discuss methodology
Costa and Montenegro meet again today to discuss methodology

The prime minister and the president of the PSD meet this Friday afternoon to discuss the methodology on the future airport solution for the Lisbon region, at a meeting scheduled for 17:00 in São Bento.

Unlike the only public meeting between António Costa and Luís Montenegro, which took place in two on July 22, this time the meeting will be extended to the Minister of Infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos, and the social-democratic vice president Miguel Pinto Luz, “ the technical interlocutor” of the PSD on the airport theme.

On Wednesday, Luís Montenegro released a letter sent to the prime minister, in which he reported on the conclusion of the process of hearings and internal reflection that the PSD had been doing since July on the subject and conveyed the party’s five conditions to agree with the methodology to be followed on the future airport solution in the Lisbon region.

The “immediate performance” of a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), completed within one year, for the Montijo, Alcochete options “and any other that the Government or the structure in charge of carrying out the SEA decides, based on reason and technically, to include” is a of the premises put forward by Montenegro.

Then, the president of the PSD asks that this assessment be delivered “to personalities of recognized technical, academic and scientific merit” and that it be accompanied by a comparative analysis of the costs and execution deadlines of each of the locations under study, including the “infrastructures”. related, complementary” necessary.

In the conclusions conveyed to António Costa, the social-democratic leader also reiterated the need to immediately start the requalification works of the Humberto Delgado airport and to enhance the airports that serve the North and Algarve region and the Cascais aerodrome.

Shortly afterwards, the prime minister’s office issued a statement announcing a meeting with the president of the PSD for today with the presence of the minister of infrastructure, after noting the “total availability” of Luís Montenegro for convergence on the new airport.

Regarding Luís Montenegro’s letter, “in terms of essentials”, António Costa points out that he has registered the reaffirmation of “total availability to achieve the greatest possible convergence” on “the strategy for developing airport capacity in the Lisbon region” and, in in particular, “the reciprocal acceptance of the methodology to be followed”.

On 29 June, the Ministry of Infrastructure published an order stating that the Government had decided to proceed with a new airport solution for Lisbon, which involved moving forward with Montijo to be in operation at the end of 2026 and Alcochete and, when this the last one was operational, close the Humberto Delgado Airport.

However, the following day, the order was revoked by order of the Prime Minister, António Costa, leading Pedro Nuno Santos to publicly assume “communication errors” with the Government in the decisions that involved the future airport in the Lisbon region.

In a recent interview with TVI/CNN, António Costa said that he was very close to having an understanding with the PSD about “the methodology” to be followed for the location of the new Lisbon airport, in order to make a “definitive decision” at the end of the year. 2023

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