Ex-Fashion Squad talks about menopause

Ex-Fashion Squad talks about menopause
Ex-Fashion Squad talks about menopause

Stacy London, former host of the Fashion Squad and CEO of State of Menopause, which has life-enhancing products for middle-aged women

the women of generation X, born between 1964 and 1980, were taught to compete. We were taught scarcity – that the set of jobs, men, attention was limited. Then we would have to compete.

Stacy Londonformer presenter of fashion Squad and current CEO of State of Menopause, is a Generation X woman. But like many of us between the ages of 42 and 57, she has evolved. We have learned from experience and from younger generations that collaboration delivers better results than competition. And now it’s launching, on October 18th, the first Menopause CEO Summit in New York, which is also the World Menopause Day.

“We come together to do something that is in the service of a community, which is much bigger than each of our companies. I hope this is the future of business.”

Conversations include research, education, legislative reform, reshaping how our culture views mature women, and why Venture Capital funds need to stop ignoring Gen Xers. lack of consumer education.”

In the same way that London was passionate about style and helping women feel comfortable in their clothes (and, by extension, their own skin), she is now passionate about the well-being of women in midlife. Being a CEO is new to her, and so is menopause. London says she suffered from the symptoms for four years before she understood what was happening.

This new phase began for the entrepreneur when she was invited to test a new brand called State Of, created for people in menopause.

The timing was interesting: she had recently tried to sell a show about style to middle-aged women. But zero networks have expressed interest. “I pitched it to every streamer and every channel,” she said. “Everyone said no one wanted to watch middle-aged women on television. And I was like, ‘I don’t know who you think the ‘Real Housewives’ are.”

In the wake of this frustration, State Of Menopause’s parent company decided to move in a different direction, and they asked London if she would be interested in taking over the brand. Leading a company that aimed to improve the lives of middle-aged women seemed perfect. But she had little interest in simply selling things to people.

“I want the company to have products, just like the Fashion Squad, but I also want you to have clothes that are instruments, weapons in your arsenal to make sure you feel good and look the way you want,” he said. London. State of Menopause offers a variety of products to alleviate menopausal symptoms, including a CBD product collection. “None of us is big enough to walk through the doors of this consumer market. It’s really a move for many boats together.”

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