Formula is modified and massacre can happen

The formula created at Siderúrgica Gusmão will be modified to meet the interests of the war industry in Cara e Coragem. Danilo’s Squire (Ricardo Pereira), Margareth (Arianne Souza) will be able to complete the lost code of the substance that will be able to cause a great massacre in Globo’s soap opera. As seen in the plot, the businessman plans to sell the secret to terrorists in exchange for a millionaire sum.

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The scientist will finalize the formula project in the scenes of next Tuesday (27) in the feuilleton of Claudia Souto. Under Jonathan’s (Guilherme Winter) nose, she will use Steel’s equipment to finish modifying the code. Originally, the company had made a version of the substance that would revolutionize medicine. However, Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) got rid of the material before it could be commercialized.

Margareth will then tell Danilo that the formula is ready. Meanwhile, Jonathan will be suspicious of the employee’s work and will ask Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) to investigate her in order to find out if the girl works for someone who is after the formula to use it in a negative way.

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In Cara e Courage, Margareth delivers ready-made formula

The character played by Arianne Souza, then, will finally deliver the complete formula to Danilo. Meanwhile, the employees of Coragem.Com will cast Armandinho (Rodrigo Fagundes) to find out who the scientist’s real boss is. However, the crook will try to seduce the girl to get some information, but will not discover anything relevant.

Without the boy’s success, Jonathan will roll up his sleeves to unravel what his employee hides in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera. The head of the laboratory at Siderúrgica Gusmão will then search Margareth’s computer and find some records that the scientist has been working on the formula.

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Frightened, Jonathan will pressure the girl to understand the reason for the intrusion and she won’t know how to answer. The scholar will then be forced to remove her from the laboratory indefinitely.

Danilo assigns Duarte to deal with terrorists

After the formula made with technology from Siderúrgica Gusmão has been modified, Danilo will climb his henchman to deliver it to the interested bandits. Duarte (Kiko Mascarenhas) will not oppose the boss’s request, but will leave Jessica (Jennifer Nascimento) intrigued.

The faker’s friend will fear that something will happen to him while he meets with the crooks. She will then hide the man’s passport to prevent him from leaving the country to answer Danilo’s call. However, the character played by Jennifer Nascimento will soon return the document to her friend and will have to count on luck so that nothing happens to him during the journey.

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