See the situation of those with a contract close to winning at Corinthians

O Corinthians currently has six players with contracts close to expiring in their squad. Two of them have titleholder status, cases of left-back Fábio Santos and midfielder Maycon.

The other four athletes are used on a smaller scale, such as defender Robson Bambu, full-back Bruno Melo and midfielders Ramiro and Xavier.

There is also the situation of Ruan Oliveira, who underwent a new knee surgery in July and remains unused by Vítor Pereira.


Fábio Santos, 37, has a valid contract with the club until December this year and is not a concern. As previously reported by the Sports Gazettethe parties are in agreement regarding the renewal and, last Thursday night, in an interview with Radio Craque Neto, President Duilio Monteiro Alves stated that the new contract should be signed this Friday or over the weekend.

In 2022, Fábio Santos has taken turns with Lucas Piton on the left and has played in 32 games, with five goals scored, four of them from a penalty.

Maycon, on the other hand, was loaned by Shakhtar Donetsk, from Ukraine, until the end of this year after the situation of the war between the country and Russia. Although he has been in the medical department for long periods of the season, including currently, it is the club’s wish to be able to count on him, depending on the circumstances after the loan period.

However, his situation is unclear, even more so because the war is still going on in the Old Continent and there is the possibility of proposals from European clubs in the next window.

Duilio said, in the same interview, that, at the end of the season, he will talk to the player about his wishes, but the club would like to count on his work, either for a new loan or to acquire him permanently.

Maycon played 20 games for Timão this season and has scored two goals, both in Libertadores, against Boca Juniors.


Robson Bambu is on loan from Nice, France, until the end of the season and should not renew his relationship with Timão. He has 12 games played.

According to the report, no conversation has yet been opened between the parties in order to define the player’s future for now, but recent performances have left something to be desired and he does not please part of the crowd.

A similar situation is that of Bruno Melo, loaned by Fortaleza for the same period. Little used by coach Vítor Pereira, he should return to the Ceará club at the end of the loan. There are 12 games for the club as well.

Ramiro, on the other hand, returned from Al-Wasl, from the United Arab Emirates, in the mid-year window and is being used sporadically by VP.

His contract, definitive, ends at the end of the year and there are still no updates on his situation. The tendency is for each to go their own way. In this return, there are five games played.

Finally, Xavier also doesn’t know what his destiny will be, since, at 22 years old, he has a bond until the beginning of next year. This year, little was used, most of the time as a reserve – there were 11 games.

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