Klein’s scheme boss asks for R$ 4 million: ‘I accompanied him in the bath’

Klein’s scheme boss asks for R$ 4 million: ‘I accompanied him in the bath’
Klein’s scheme boss asks for R$ 4 million: ‘I accompanied him in the bath’

The name of Marta Aparecida Gomes da Silva is mentioned numerous times in the investigation that investigates businessman Saul Klein for sexual crimes, involving rape and favoring prostitution, committed against 14 women. The grooming and abuse, according to the police, took place within a complex organizational chart of drivers, recruiters and doctors, and Marta is identified as the head of this whole scheme, both by the women who made the complaint and by Saul himself. To date, however, she has not testified to the Civil Police — the investigation has been open since December 2020. But, for the first time, she spoke to Justice as part of a labor lawsuit against Saul in which she asks for R$ 4 million in compensation for services rendered to him without due remuneration.

On the 28th of July, she appeared at the 3rd Labor Court in Barueri, in Greater São Paulo, and said that everything she did was because she “only received orders” from the businessman, including that of opening a company, Avlis, to able to receive payments. Avlis is involved in the only effective decision of the Justice in the criminal part: in May, the company had its assets blocked because, according to Judge Fabio Calheiros do Nascimento, of the 2nd Criminal Court of Barueri, its performance in the practice of crimes “is well explained in the cars”.

According to the police, who made a request for Marta’s preventive detention in April that was not accepted by the courts, Avlis is directly linked to the scheme, as it was responsible for hiring models, enticing women and organizing parties on Saul’s properties. It was in these situations that many of the crimes took place. The businessman denies all the allegations.

“At this point, it is worth mentioning that the transport of the guests was provided by the company itself, which provided drivers for this purpose. The events took place, basically, following the same ‘schedule’; the aforementioned company, after everything was ready, provided a person who was responsible for the event and, on average, 15 female models who acted as [além de garçons, músicos, malabaristas, bartenders e etc]”, says the police report.

When referring to Marta in the inquiry, delegate Priscila Camargo states that “she was the one who most profited from all the sexual services provided by the girls”, referring to the assets in her and her husband’s name – at least two real estate projects are registered in their names: a condominium on the beach of Maresias and a hotel under construction in the city of Campos do Jordão, both in São Paulo.

Saul Klein and the Empire of Abuse

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Company in baths and responsible for choosing clothes

Marta’s testimony goes against Saul’s arguments, both in the labor lawsuit and in the criminal case. According to Saul, it was Marta, through the company, who organized parties and hired women for the events he held between 2006 and 2019, and he was not aware of how she acted or that she acted as a recruiter.

For the Labor Court, Marta states that she worked for Saul from March 2005 to March 2019, without interruption, “exercising the function related to the organization of personal and domestic activities”. She mentions that she accompanied him in the baths, chose his clothes, made food, washed towels, separated medications, looked at the medical agenda, called a doctor for periodic consultations.

Saul’s defense in this case even questioned Marta about “the events held at his residence”, but the question was dismissed by the judge, who stated that the doubt had no relevance in this process. The businessman stated that Marta organized the events on her properties and that he paid her for each of these works, always in cash and without issuing an invoice.

The report sought out Marta’s and Saul’s lawyers named in the labor lawsuit she is bringing against him. Paulo Rodrigues Faia, who is defending the first, stated that he has nothing to comment on the case, only that he is awaiting the ruling of the Labor Court, since the parties and witnesses have already been heard.

Saul’s representative, Álan Richard de Carvalho Bettini, was contacted by Universa via telephone and asked that questions be sent by email.

He claims that the relationship between Martha and Saul was limited to hired service. “Saul hired the company Avlis to organize/hold events, which was personified in the people of Marta and Aldacir Roberto [Lopes Pereira Júnior, marido de Marta].

On the allegation that the company would have been opened at the request of the businessman, the lawyer says that “there is evidence that the company was in fact active, earning income and distributing profits to the partners”.

He says that Marta’s statements about bathing and choosing clothes for Saul, among other functions, “do not match reality”.

“The defense follows the line of demonstrating that Marta never worked for Saul in the terms that the law defines as a domestic worker”, reinforces the lawyer.

Aliciadora missed interrogation and police reinforced arrest warrant

Marta is also investigated for crimes of criminal organization, human trafficking, co-authorship in rapes committed by Saul, falsification of public documents and submission of people to conditions analogous to slavery.

Although she was subpoenaed numerous times, she never appeared to testify. After the police investigation was completed in April, the Court returned the case to the police, denying the requests for preventive detention and requesting new actions – among them, that Marta’s testimony be collected.

An interrogation was even scheduled for June, but a lawyer for Marta contacted the Women’s Defense Police Station in Barueri, where the case is, to say that she would not attend because one of the lawyers had covid.

“In addition to showing total disrespect to the judicial police, they have shown that they will use the most diverse subterfuges to harm the criminal investigation, which brings yet another reason to reiterate the representation of the preventive detention of both formulated in the final report”, recorded delegate Priscila Camargo in the process.

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