Teen Mom fans are heartbroken when Amber Portwood reveals losing custody of son James, 4, is ‘killing’ her in emotional clip

TEEN Mom fans were left heartbroken after Amber Portwood revealed that losing custody of her son is “killing” her in an emotional clip.

The former MTV star was seen in a preview clip of an upcoming episode of the show as she reacts to the possibility of losing custody of her four-year-old son James to her ex Andrew Glennon.

A representative for Amber, 32, recently confirmed that an Indiana judge ruled that James would move to California with his father.

The young man is set to move into his grandmother’s $5 million Malibu mansion with father Andrew, 38 – more than 2,200 miles from Amber.

In a Teen Mom clip, Amber can be seen visiting her ex Gary – with whom she shares her 13-year-old daughter Leah – to discuss the court case.

After Gary, 35, testified on Amber’s behalf during the custody battle – she told him it was “killing her” to think she’d lose James.

“When I spend time with Leah, I don’t know — this whole thing with James is really like killing myself,” says Amber.

“Is there any court verdict?” Gary can be heard asking back, to which Amber continues, “No, not yet.”

“I was so grateful to have someone – there are so many people I could get to, but why not the person I’ve known for 16 years and have a history with.

“When it comes to something bad, in a way, you can see where we are and how things can change if you guys work together.

“It was really nice to hear how he means to everyone. It’s hard for everyone, but some people just don’t understand it.”

Fans were heartbroken at the scene, as Amber concluded: “I can’t even imagine if he walked away what would happen to me mentally.

“How would that affect my relationship with Leah and our relationship as a family. I can’t do this again.

“I fought for a son and I’m fighting for James, even though I may have done it to myself in a way. I can’t take all the blame all the time.”

Writing in the video’s comments, one follows: “Poor girl, it seems like they want her to pay for her mistakes forever and that’s just not right, especially when she’s changed for the better.”

Another added: “She is losing access to her child. This is terrible – why celebrate it. You all are really insensitive.”

A third commented: “Amber is not a bad person, as people make mistakes. But don’t take her child away.”

While a quarter concluded: “I can’t believe a judge would allow almost 4 year olds to be moved across the country!”


It comes after The US Sun exclusively revealed that Amber’s drug test results were mysteriously hidden from records shortly after she lost custody of her son James.

According to the Indiana court docket, Amber, 32, submitted the drug test results as required by the custody judge on Aug. 22 — but her result was “blocked.”

Throughout the custody battle that first broke out in July 2019, the Teen Mom OG star’s latest test result was explicitly blocked from public access.

In response to one of several requests made for the results, an Indiana court official said: “This is stated on my side as confidential and should not be disclosed.”

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After The US Sun pressed further and informed the employee that all previous results had been released, including Andrew’s most recent test which came back negative for all substances, they said of the drug test Amber submitted: ” This particular one you requested is BLOCKED. and is not available.”

In the custody judgment previously exclusively by The US Sun, the judge noted certain factors that were brought to light during the course of the custody case that weighed on her decision to grant full custody of four-year-old James to Andrew.

Gary Revealed He Testified In Court During James' Custody Case


Amber and Andrew welcomed James in May 2018


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