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How can digital marketing leverage internet business?

How can digital marketing leverage internet business?
How can digital marketing leverage internet business?

Investment in digital advertising in the country rose to BRL 30.2 billion in 2021, according to the Digital AdSpend study carried out by IAB Brasil (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in partnership with Kantar Ibope Media. The survey points to an increase of 27% compared to the previous year, even with the health and economic crisis still in force. Meanwhile, data from FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) indicate that online commerce last year accounted for 21.2% of the revenue of retail companies. The analyzes suggest that investing in digital sales is a route to boost business and in this endeavor digital marketing can be the shortcut.

The use of digital channels, such as social networks, search engines and applications, to improve the marketing of products and services, increase the visibility of a brand or segment the target audience are examples of digital marketing. This type of marketing consists of a series of strategies that are formulated depending on the customer’s objective.

“Digital marketing is not the only way, but it is the best. The amount of media, platforms and social networks brings flexibility. Sometimes, a company’s segment can go right in one media, while for another segment it goes completely wrong”, says Lucas Heber, Growth Marketer at Mestres do Site agency.

Digital marketing tools

Among the resources of digital marketing, Meta Ads is a tool aimed at creating advertising campaigns for the social networks Facebook and Instagram. With a daily budget, it is possible to boost a timeline post or a reel (video format of a maximum of 60 seconds in length) to attract more followers, increase clicks on a certain link or even increase the audience, getting more visits on profile.

There are already 122 million Brazilians present on Instagram and 116 million present on Facebook, according to data compiled by the companies We Are Social and Hootsuite and published in the Digital 2022 report. To reach this audience, Meta Ads provides tools for companies to create ads, manage when and where they will be aired and monitor performance against the goals initially set.

Google Ads is another possibility to carry out advertising, but in this case using Google’s ad platform, which has several mechanisms. The interested company can create banners and distribute them among partner sites, display ads in the first search results of a specific word (searched by a potential customer) or during the exhibition of videos on YouTube, whose subject is related to what is sought to communicate.

Google also has the Display Network as an asset, that is, a wide range of blogs, websites, news portals, email, videos and applications where your ads can be displayed. Comscore (an American internet analytics company) estimates that Display Network sites reach more than 90% of internet users worldwide.

“Instagram and Facebook Ads are better suited to work with the public’s desire. Google Ads, on the other hand, is more suitable for dealing with the ‘pain’ of the public, as its main feature is its search method”, recommends Heber.

Developing informative texts, podcasts and/or videos free of direct advertising, which in some way contribute to solving customer doubts, is another modality included in digital marketing. Entitled content marketing, it is a more recent way to subtly conquer leads (possible customers).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques can also be employed to thrive in the online environment. This method consists of systematically improving a brand’s positioning in search rankings through keywords. In this way, SEO increases its potential to stand out on search engines such as Google, or on video platforms such as YouTube – now also considered a search engine.

diversify to grow

For the entrepreneur of the Mestres do Site agency, the best option for business growth of any size is to diversify, because “not being present where people are looking is a critical mistake”. In addition, spreading the investment is a way of not depending on a single network and its algorithms.

In a digital marketing campaign, it is necessary to define the objectives and goals and then choose the most appropriate channels to apply the communication strategy. The planning of all actions allows, in the end, to analyze the data, measure the results and calculate the ROI (return on investment).

The Digital AdSpend study, which pointed to the significant increase in digital advertising in the last year, also found that the number of advertisers exposing their products and services on digital channels grew by 30%. The numbers reinforce that, for the sector, the growth of digital commerce in Brazil is not a passing trend. “In my view, much of this growth was due to the pandemic. The event accelerated the digital market in Brazil, as if ‘educating’ companies in things that the foreign market was already more used to”, points out Heber.

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