The 10 most watched movies of the week (01/10/2022)

The arrival of a new month always generates that expectation for what is to come, but the first list of most watched movies of the week of October brings well-known names to the public.

And nothing represents that better than Top Gun: Maverick keep flying high in our ranking, occupying the top once again. Right behind him are other names that are already well-known, but that always fluctuate in the Top 10 that Canaltech makes with the help of JustWatch.

Among the novelties, attention is drawn to the emergence of the original film that served as inspiration for Goodnight Mommy, which has been very successful in the Prime Video catalogue. In addition to it, the list of most watched films brings a new title from Netflix that has been attracting fans of a good thriller with a good dose of realism and the return of a Jurassic franchise to the race.

Curious to know which are the most watched movies of the week. See the full list below.

10. Goodnight Mommy

Amazon Studios’ remake of the Austrian horror film lost some steam this week, but it continues to draw the attention of audiences looking for an intriguing and spine-tingling title.

Goodnight Mommy brings the always great Naomi Watts playing this mother who has just undergone facial reconstruction surgery. To celebrate, she receives a visit from her young twins, who are surprised not only by their mother’s head wrapped in bandages, but also by her attitudes.

Is she the one who is there? Just watching Goodnight Mommy on Amazon Prime Video to find out.

9. Jurassic World: Dominion

Fluctuating a lot in the public’s preference, appearing in the ranking of most watched movies every other week, Jurassic World: Dominion makes another return to the Top 10.

Part of this back-and-forth can be explained by the fact that the film still does not have any forecast to debut on streaming services in Brazil. On the other hand, the film’s nostalgic appeal is a great attraction and attracts many people to buy or rent it on digital platforms. After all, we are talking about the end of one of the most successful trilogies of our time.

Jurassic World: Dominion for now it can only be purchased or rented on Apple TV, Play Store and Amazon.

8. Elvis


One of the most important names in the history of music has finally received an honorable tribute. Elvis tells the life and trajectory of Elvis Presley, from his childhood to stardom and downfall, shrouded in much controversy and controversy.

Despite his meteoric career, he has always had a troubled and toxic relationship with his manager. The feature film gives a lot of focus to this and how the star went from luxury to trash in a few years.

Elvis can be watched on HBO Max and Now, and can be purchased or rented on Apple TV, Microsoft Store and Amazon.

7. The Northman


the man of the north took on a new lease of life and remains one of the most watched films of the week. And no wonder: the film was one of the most anticipated of 2022 and surprised audiences in theaters with its epic tone and overwhelming soundtrack.

Now out of print, many people are looking to watch the Vikings movie on digital platforms and streaming. And this fascination with the feature film can be explained by its stellar cast, its good story of revenge and death and the numerous positive reviews it received from the specialized media.

the man of the north is in the Now catalog, in addition to being able to be rented or purchased on Apple TV, Play Store and Amazon.

6. Lou


Lou debuted on Netflix without much fanfare, but soon aroused the interest of subscribers to the streaming platform. The result is there: its debut in the ranking of the most watched in the week of release.

What explains all this success is the plot and setting loaded with a lot of suspense. The film takes place in the midst of a storm and shows the kidnapping of a girl. Desperate, the mother teams up with a strange neighbor and sets out on a journey to look for the child, only to reveal terrible secrets about her and her search partner.

Lou can be watched on Netflix.

5. Good Night, Mom


The original film that yielded a Hollywood remake, Good night mom has a slightly different plot than the one presented by Amazon Studios. The story, however, is equally intriguing.

Here, a family lives isolated in the middle of the bush and the mother returns home after undergoing a series of plastic surgeries. But the welcome isn’t that warm. The reason: the twins doubt that the woman with the bandaged face is their mother. And from that distrust, everything changes in this family.

Good night mom is only available for rent and purchase on Apple TV.

4. The Orphan


Despite not being one of the best horror movies of recent times, The orphan continues to attract the attention of the movie fan who proposed to watch its sequel: Orphan 2: Inception.

The film tells the story of a couple who lost their baby in a miscarriage and decide to adopt a little girl named Esther. But as soon as she arrives at the family home, strange events begin to happen and lead the couple to believe that there is something wrong with the girl. But what exactly?

The orphan is available on HBO Max, plus it can be rented or purchased from the Microsoft Store, Apple TV, Play Store and Amazon.

3. Everything Everywhere at the Same Time


Marvel started the multiverse fashion in cinemas and the famous production company A24 decided to embark on this wave with Everything Everywhere at the Same Time.

But unlike superhero movies, here we follow the story of an ordinary woman who suddenly finds herself with an unimaginable responsibility in her hands: the fate of all universes. Despite this unexpected adventure and initially freaking out with everything she needs to do, she ends up discovering that the most important thing in this life is precisely the simplest.

Everything Everywhere at the Same Time It can be purchased or rented from the Play Store, Amazon and Apple TV.

2. The Black Telephone


the black phone follows its climb up our list and is the second most watched movie this week. And no wonder: the title is one of the most anticipated horror films of 2022 and tells a very intriguing story.

A teenager is kidnapped and imprisoned in a room that is practically empty, except for an old and chipped phone stuck to the wall. Soon the device starts to ring and the boy begins to receive tips on how to survive and escape the hands of the masked criminal who caught him.

With increasing tension, the black phone promises to arrest a lot of people from beginning to end. The film is in the Now catalog and available for rent on Apple TV, Play Store and Amazon.

1. Top Gun: Maverick


Top Gun: Maverick it keeps going low and once again is the most watched movie of the week. And the most interesting thing about all of this is that the movie that has already become one of the highest grossings of all time still doesn’t have a date to reach streaming.

Despite this, the feature film with Tom Cruise has been highly sought after by people willing to buy and rent it. It’s a success that can be explained by the great story that the film tells, delighting old and new fans, being much more than just a “film with planes”.

Top Gun: Maverick is available in the Now catalog and can be purchased or rented from the Microsoft Store, Apple TV, Play Store and Amazon.

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