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Russia to take action against Kiev drone attacks -
Russia to take action against Kiev drone attacks -
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Russia to take action against Kiev drone attacks -

Lucas reveals anxiety for Jojo Todynho “Shot, beating and bomb”

One of the TV Globo programs that will cover the World Cup in Qatar It is Cup Centerwhich will take place in the evening and will have a new and irreverent presenter: Jojo Todynho.

In an interview with the WITH YOU!, Lucas Gutierrezwho will be part of the team of presenters, told how the format of the program will be and also said about the expectation of the partnership with the singer.

Cup Central began in 2010, with the presentation of Tiago Leifert and evolved over the years. This time, in addition to the singer Jojo Todynho, he will have the presentation of the journalist Alex Escobarof the ex-football player, Fredcomedian’s interventions Marcelo Adnet and coverage of Lucas Gutierrez, there in Qatar.

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These news are intended to bring a different view after the end of broadcasts and comments about the games. “It’s people continuing to live that last hour of the World Cup with the breath that this almost dawn brings to us”– Said the presenter.

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Murilo Benício's Mansion overlooking Christ the Redeemer (Reproduction: TV Foco montage)

View to the Christ, skate park and in the middle of the forest; Murilo Benício’s mansion is jaw-dropping

“It’s light, fun. It’s not a comedy show, because we’re not humorists. Adnet is a comedian, but we just like to tell and see stories with a lightness, a relaxation” – He complemented

He even compared the World Cup with the Big Brother Brazil and everything the two events have in common: “Isn’t the BBB something that talks about Brazil, that talks about us, talks about society’s issues? Isn’t that the olympics? The World Cup is also that”– He explained

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What to expect from the singer?:

One of the main novelties of the TV Globo is undoubtedly the participation of Jojo Todynho commenting on the days of the Cup. But what can we expect from the singer? “Shooting, beating and bombing. I do not know either!”– He responded Lucas Gutierrezin a humorous and relaxed tone.

“I hope Jojo laughs, that she goes viral, that she brings attention to the show, that people want to call and have a laugh with Jojo, to see what she will say.”– He said.

For him, the important thing is that the Cup Center have completely different points of view, which is why presenters have such different roles and knowledge.

Looking forward to seeing Jojo Todynho’s interaction with Alex Escobar and Fredhe hopes that this will bring even more of the mixture that the Cup already brings. “She’s there because she’s a personality. She’s pure, natural charisma, and she likes football. She has a family connection with football, she herself likes football and she will add. And she’s great on open TV especially, right? Because open TV talks to everyone and its premise is to talk to everyone”– He stressed

Finally, he completed saying that he is curious about everything that is to come in this coverage of the games. “You’re welcome? Throw a ball to Jojo”joked. It’s going to be a good bitch. This is what the World Cup is all about, to mix, for us to come together, to get together, enjoy, celebrate and have fun”.

Jojo Todynho is being the biggest bet for the
Jojo Todynho is the biggest bet for the “Central da Copa” (Photo Reproduction/Internet)

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