The attitude that Globo took to show SBT’s greatest asset

Globo got SBT’s biggest asset to be shown on Globoplay

It is not news that TV Globo is one of the largest broadcasters in the world, so the channel has a strong and engaged support team and is always looking for constant novelty to bring to the viewer. One of the biggest bets of the broadcaster in recent years was Globoplay, a streaming service that makes soap operas, series and films available to the subscriber public.

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In addition to producing its own soap operas, the channel would also be keeping an eye on competitors, because according to columnist Carla Bittencourt, from “TV News, a few months ago Globo took action behind the scenes and decided to show SBT’s greatest asset to consolidate its streaming service: the Mexican soap operas.

Imported serials are the biggest stars of SBT and are on the air at least 40 years ago, some of them have already been repeated countless times and even so they are successful in the programming. At first, Rede Globo would be interested in acquiring the soap operas to be shown only on Globoplay and consolidate its audience, however, if the strategy worked, it was not ruled out that the plots would also be shown on an open channel.

What has been speculated is that the performance of the telenovelas on Globoplay would be fundamental for the decision to take them to the open broadcaster to be taken, initially the channel thought of placing one of the Mexican telenovelas in the time currently occupied by “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo”, however, there are those who argue that the Mexican women should be shown on Saturday afternoon programming, a range in which there is little competition and investment is also not the greatest. Currently, this time is occupied by football broadcasts, but there are not always matches and Globo ends up putting on the air a rerun of some humorous show.

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Globoplay had growth with old soap operas in the catalog (Photo: Reproduction)
Mexicanas have been successful on Globoplay (Photo: Reproduction)

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