Google Pixel Watch: see all the colors, prices and features of the Smartwatch here

On October 6, 2022 we will get to know the next generation of Android smartphones and wearables from Google with the official presentation of the Pixel 7, as well as the Google Pixel Watch. This will be the search giant’s 1st smartwatch and now we have (even) more information about the smartwatch.

After knowing the likely European retail prices for this smartwatch, we now have several digital images, aka renders, with various color schemes. At the same time, we also have an official video with the entire product design and several colors coming very soon.

This is the official appearance of the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch

Two of the color schemes for the Google smartwatch. Credit: @slashleaks

The official presentation of the Google smartwatch is scheduled for the next 6th of October, the Thursday. However, we already know that its price should start at € 379 in Europe, and may vary depending on the country in which it is marketed.

Google itself has already made known the official design of the smartwatch on video, as can be seen in the publication below, at the end of this article. At the same time, we also have several digital images or renders of the product in various color schemes.

Round AMOLED screen and organic design guide this Google smartwatch

The Google Pixel Watch smartwatch with green strap and gold case. Credit: @slashleaks

Apparently, the technology will provide a myriad of colors to adapt to the preferences of each consumer. At the same time, we have several color schemes for the product box, with metallic construction.

It is important to note, however, that this will be a high-end smart watch, that is, premium. Thus, we have at least three color schemes, between Gold, Silver and Black for the watch’s metal case, in aluminum or stainless steel.

Round shape with curved glass and metal case will guide the Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

The highlight goes to the silicone strap, very similar to the one on the Apple Watch in its simplest configuration. In addition, we will have a rotating crown on the right side of the watch. This element is clearly visible, of metallic construction, in various colors.

Until its official presentation, we can already see several images and promotional material of the watch, widely disseminated online, especially on social networks such as Twitter. In any case, the impact of the round AMOLED screen is impressive.

Diversity of colors and bracelets or bracelets for the smartwatch

Its most common configuration will bring a silicone bracelet, more sporty and suitable for any type of use. However, we also have metal and fabric bracelets, to be acquired later by the smartwatch user.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity on the most expensive version of Google Pixel Watch

We currently have at least two connectivity versions for the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch. The first one, cheaper, with connection to Wi-Fi networks (Internet) and smartphone via Bluetooth, will be relatively more affordable, costing from €379 in Europe.

At the same time, we have an LTE version with connection to mobile networks thanks to eSIM technology. This will be the most expensive model, with the expected price for Europe starting at €419.

Note, however, that availability in Portugal has not been confirmed, nor does this seem likely based on its direct absence from our market.

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