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Actor celebrates gay moment right at the beginning of O Coro

The new national series the choir arrived last Wednesday (28) at Disney+ with a positive and much-needed point in its plot: representation. Right at the beginning of the first episode, we see the character Sissy (Bruno Boer) watching the couple formed by Arthur (William Magon) and Ferdinand (Magno Bandarz) on the red carpet of a fictional edition of the Bibi Ferreira Award.

The first sentence of the entire series reinforces the gay couple. “Wonderful. assumed. I think these two are beautiful, seriously,” says Sissy. In an interview with journalists in which the Tangerine participated, Bruno Boer celebrated the present moment in a Disney production.

“I remember when I opened the text and saw this, I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ And from there on, a lot still unfolds, right? All this representation that begins to enter the series, as it is a Disney product, I am already very impressed and very happy. I’m really grateful,” celebrated the actor new to streaming.

Bruno also revealed the desire that the series can be an example for young viewers who are dealing with issues regarding sexual orientation. “I want people to see that it’s possible to get wherever you are, by being who you are,” he declared, adding that he hopes that’s Disney’s will as well.

The Choir brings diversity in cast and story

Stella Carvalho

Karin Hils, who plays the mother of one of the characters in the series, also praised racial diversity in O Coro. “When I saw the text for the first time I said: ‘My God. Miguel Falabella always teasing people. How will that be within this Disney theme?’”, she asked herself.

However, even within the aforementioned “Disney theme”, the series remained the same. “I think people started to understand that people on the other side needed to identify with what was being seen. I think that’s the main thing, right? And I feel so honored to be a part of that and tell this story in that way,” she celebrated.

“I already come from this journey with Miguel [Falabella] a while ago and now, with Disney, it’s more special, right?? Because we have the opportunity to take this to other countries, to other languages ​​and to other cultures, not only here in Brazil”, added the former member of the Rouge about the series’ impact.

Interpreter of one of the contestants of O Coro, Daniel Rangel agreed with her co-star and recalled the passage of Viola Davis in Brazil to talk about it. “One sentence she said and that impressed me a lot was: ‘May it not be just a moment, may it really be the beginning of a new era’. So that we don’t even have to argue about it anymore, that it’s something placed in every project, in any streaming ”, he said.

Watch the trailer for The Choir

The ten episodes of the first season are now available on Disney+

The Creation of The Choir for Disney+

In conversation with journalists, the creator and director of the series Miguel Falabella revealed that he already had the entire body of The Choir ready when the idea was bought by Disney+. He didn’t need to change any plotlines that the company’s audience might consider too mature.

“I didn’t have that kind of problem, they accepted it well, in the second season there’s even more”, delivered the filmmaker, explaining the reasons for the approach of the series. “We, as spectators, who have a daily life, who work, who have colleagues, are exposed to everything. So being in a bubble, I don’t think it’s cool. Pretending that it doesn’t happen, that it doesn’t exist, is crazy”, he pondered.

Falabella, meanwhile, joked about the lack of sex scenes. “There’s something more conservative, right? We don’t get to go to bed, but do we need to? It is not necessary. It’s just in the eye and it’s already in bed. Everyone understands. I don’t need more than that,” she declared.

The article is in Portuguese

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