Brazilians vote today in the first presidential round

Brazilians vote today in the first presidential round
Brazilians vote today in the first presidential round

Polls released in the last week before the vote indicate the possibility of a victory for Lula da Silva, who has about 48% of the voting intentions and Bolsonaro with the support of about 36%, in the first round, if the PT candidate succeeds. reach 50% of valid votes plus one.

However, variables such as abstention and the undecided vote could lead to a second round on October 30.

Enhanced security also at the polling stations in Porto and FaroThe Brazilian consulates in Porto and Faro, as well as in Lisbon, will have security reinforcement, private and PSP, at polling places and surrounding areas, for this Sunday’s presidential elections, confirmed consular officials.

“There will be reinforcement of security. We had already hired five security guards from our security company, which already provides services for the consulate, but we saw that the number of voters was so large and the place is so extensive, with several floors, that we hired five more. Even to help in the queues and people with mobility difficulties”, said, in statements to Lusa, the Brazilian consul in Porto, Stela Frota.

“PSP will also make arrangements for the standards of a major event like this,” he added.

Even because, in Porto, the number of voters eligible to vote in these elections, 30,098, represents an increase of 110% compared to those registered in the 2018 presidential elections.

In that city, the polling place will be at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, which is part of the Instituto Politécnico complex and has 39 polling stations in total.

Voters will find at the entrance of the building, where the voting will take place, and before going up to the rooms, three tables with four consulate employees to help people who do not already know, through the voter portal, which session is theirs, explained Stela. Fleet.

At the Faro consulate, where 5,525 Brazilian voters will vote, vice-consul Cláudia Vasques also admitted, in statements to Lusa, that security was reinforced in relation to the last presidential elections.

In Faro, voters will have seven polling stations on the premises of the consulate itself to vote.

In the elections next Sunday, 80,896 Brazilian voters will vote in Portugal, of which 45,273 will be in Lisbon, the consulate with the highest number of registrations outside Brazil.

The total of 45,273 voters eligible to vote in Lisbon represents an increase of more than 100% compared to the previous presidential elections in 2018had already explained the consul general of Brazil in the Portuguese capital, Wladimir Valler Filho, when he presented to the media the organizational aspects of the first round of the Brazilian presidential elections in Portugal.

The Brazilian Foreign Minister sent a team of 10 people from Brasília to Portugal, seven of whom are in Lisbon, to ensure the “perfect holding of the general elections” on Sunday, diplomat Paulino Neto said last Thursday.

Paulino Franco de Carvalho Neto, secretary for multilateral political affairs at the ministry, designated as Itamaraty, said at a press conference at the Brazilian consulate general in Lisbon that Minister Carlos França sent a team to accompany the services of the consulates in Portugal during the act. electoral.

“We brought a team here from Brasília, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made up of 10 people who came to reinforce the perspectives either at the consulate in Lisbon or at the consulate in Porto”, said the diplomat. Seven of the Itamaraty team members are in Lisbon and the remaining three accompany the Oporto consulate.

The objective is for the team to “ensure the perfect holding of the elections” in Portugal by the three consulates, in Lisbon, Porto and Faro, “where there is a large group of registered voters”, being responsible for “witnessing the perfect execution of the services” , he added.

According to the diplomat, the team also has the role of “giving the necessary means, financial and material, so that Brazilians who are in a position to vote” in Portugal “can fully exercise this right”, he stressed. “So that the elections can take place in an organized, effective and efficient way”, reinforced the representative of Itamaraty.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recalled the diplomat, “is an auxiliary organ” of the process: “We are responsible abroad for the organization of the elections, it is like an outstretched arm of the Superior Electoral Court, and it is up to us to play this role in the best way possible.” possible”. Therefore, Minister Carlos França made the decision to send the team.

Lisbon voters will vote for the University of Lisbon, which, as in previous Brazilian elections, has made the facilities of the Faculty of Law available again.

The increase in registered voters is reflected in the organization of voting, having in the case of Lisbon gone from the 28 existing polling stations in 2018 to 58 in the poll on 2 October.

The electoral act in Lisbon will occupy 33 rooms at the Faculty of Law, spread over three floors, the consul general explained at a press conference on Thursday, and there will be a ‘check-in’ counter at the entrance, to support those who have doubts.

The polls will open at 8:00 am in Lisbon and close at 5:00 pm in the three polling places, but if there are still people in the queue at closing time, they will be able to vote, assured the three consular officials.

Brazilians will also elect 513 members of the Chamber of Deputies, will partially renew the Senate by electing 27 new members, and will choose hundreds of regional parliamentarians who will serve in the state legislative assemblies.

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