Chay Suede will be the volatile architect Ari in Globo’s next 9 o’clock soap – TV

In the soap opera that premieres on October 10, Ari (Chay Suede), Brisa (Lucy Alves) and Oto (Romulo Estrela) will share several scenes.
(photo: Fbio Rocha/Globo)

Chay Suede feels free to, without judgment, play the architect Ari in “Travessia”, Globo’s 9pm telenovela, which premieres on October 10.

In the plot written by Gloria Perez, the boy intends to officiate his marriage with Brisa (Lucy Alves), when an opportunity to investigate the construction company of Guerra (Humberto Martins) arrives and diverts his way to Rio de Janeiro. He leaves Maranho, because he wants to prevent the company from tearing down one of the historic houses in the place.

“Ari doesn’t look like me. His great features aren’t found in me. A man who sees that is in front of him and falls in love, which can be understood as volatile. However, I see that he is enchanted. the Brisa, there is only her in the world. But when you can’t see her, she starts to exist a little less”, he adds.

During the trip, Ari meets Chiara (Jade Picon). Nbia’s son (Drica Moraes) sees this approach as a chance to get information. His motivation is not to let the historical heritage be destroyed. He has the illusion that he can control the situation, but he moves further and further away from Brisa and Tonho (Vicente Alvite), the result of their relationship.

“The relationship that Ari has with fatherhood is very different from mine. When we are going to make a character, we try to understand without judgment, we let the audience do that. I went after understanding him. a father like this or that way opens doors on how his mind works.”

Professor Dante (Marcos Caruso) and architect Ari (Chay Suede), defender of the historical heritage of Maranho, in T’ravessia’ (photo: Fbio Rocha/Globo)

Despite going through a period of preparation at Esdios Globo along with the rest of the cast, Chay highlights that the team’s visit to Maranho was fundamental in his composition process. While recording in So Lus, Lenis Maranhenses and Atins, the actor closely observed the people of the region.

“The trip to Maranho was important. We had contact with a reality different from ours and many doubts were resolved. We walked around a lot. The contact with the local people and rhythm were teachers for us. An essential experience”, he says.

mama’s children

Chay’s last work on television was in the soap opera “Amor de me” (Globo, 2019-2021), in the role of Danilo/Domnico. The actor observes that there are differences between the old and the new character, but that both are similar in the relationship of codependency with the mothers. In “Travessia”, Ari seeks approval from his mother, although he initially says he doesn’t need it.

“The fact that we stopped filming ‘Amor de me’ and came back was special, I’ll never forget it. Danilo/Domnico was subservient to me. life and thinks that he will be welcome, that he can meet other people. He is not ashamed of who and does not apologize or excuse himself”, he says.

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