This afternoon there is more Pimenta and Ramalho in Ponte de Lima (now in the same kayak)

Canoeists Fernando Pimenta and José Ramalho return this Sunday to the canoeing circuit of the Lima River for the last day of the Ponte de Lima World Marathons, competing in the men’s K2 marathon from 2:00 pm.

From the two previous days, they bring medals in their luggage, Pimenta a gold medal, won on Friday, in the K1 Short Race (mini-marathon), and Ramalho a silver one, on Saturday, in the marathon.

Pimenta woke up on Saturday with the news of his grandfather’s death, but, even so, he decided to compete in his homeland, where he was cherished by many thousands of fans along the marathon route: he finished 17.39 seconds from gold, in a specialty in which he had not competed internationally for 10 years.

Today, in the K2 race with José Ramalho, the objective is to finish the season, which is going to be long, giving more joy to the countrymen.

José Ramalho comforts Pimenta at the end of the marathon in K1. Photo: Canoe Marathon Portugal

“It’s resting, recovering and then I’ll have time to grieve for my grandfather. I will not be affected. It costs and hurts a lot, but I will try to stay focused on the big goal of representing the Portuguese. Demonstrate to all entities that have the right and duty to support us that we are here, we are human and we need their support,” he said.

Pepper much requested in its homeland. Photo: Canoe Marathon Portugal

In turn, José Ramalho recalls that this will be the first international event that the duo will hold in K2, the second together (after the national selection).

“The boat is doing very well, but you never know. It’s more of a test, a goal of the two. We are well trained, with our heads in place, we will give it our all. Whatever the result, when we’re done, there won’t be Fernando or Ramalho in the end, it’ll be until we’re tongue-tied”, confessed the Vila Condense, seven-time European champion.

Ramalho embraced by his wife after winning silver in the K1 marathon. Photo: DR

Portugal has six medals in these World Cups, namely the gold of Fernando Pimenta in the short race and the junior Beatriz Fernandes in C1 in the long distance, with the athlete limiana also being bronze in the short race, open to all age groups.

José Ramalho in K1 secured the only silver of the Portuguese team that also celebrated the bronze of juniors Ana Pereira (Ponte de Lima) and Joel Miranda (Esposende), both in C1.

In the medal, Portugal is third with two golds, one silver and three bronzes: Hungary leads with five golds and seven silvers, followed by Spain with four golds, two silvers and five bronzes.

The Marathon World Cup brings together 890 canoeists from 36 countries in Ponte de Lima.

Sunday Program:

08:50 K2 junior men.

08:55 C2 men.

11:15 K2 female.

14:00 K2 men.

The article is in Portuguese

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