What caused the death of Guilherme de Padua, killer of Daniella Perez

What caused the death of Guilherme de Padua, killer of Daniella Perez
What caused the death of Guilherme de Padua, killer of Daniella Perez

The Baptist pastor died on the night of this Sunday (6) William of Padua, murderer of actress Daniella Perez, aged 53. The former actor suffered a heart attack in the house where he lived, in Belo Horizonte, and died. The information was confirmed in a note by the Lagoinha Baptist Church, where the former actor had worked since 2017.

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The church publication states that Guilherme led the Recomeço Ministry, which carries out actions inside and outside the prisons of the capital of Minas Gerais and the metropolitan region. “Guilherme paid justice what it imposed on him, as we believe it should happen, and we, as the body of Christ, in positions to be for him and so many others already convicted of different crimes, what the Bible instructs us: the place of new chance that only Jesus can give to the repentant.

Before the note was published, the death was announced in a live by the Pastor-President of Lagoinha Baptist Church Márcio Valadao. According to the pastor, Guilherme and his wife attended a service he led on Sunday morning (6). “He was inside the house, now, he fell and died. He died now, now, now. He just died,” the pastor said in the video that went viral on social media. The reason? Your unexpected smile while breaking the news.

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The pastor’s expression was also commented on by the actor Raul Gazolla, widower of Daniella. “Even the bishop of his church broke the news laughing. It must have been a torment for the church to have as a pastor a murderer with an ego as big as his crime,” he said in conversation with F5. For Gazolla, “the planet dawned better, the air cleaner” after Padua’s death.

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It was on the night of December 28, 1992 when Guilherme de Padua and his then wife, Paula Thomaz, murdered actress and dancer Daniella Perez. At the time, the actors were a romantic couple in the soap opera. Body and soul, from TV Globo, written by Gloria Perez, Daniella’s mother. After confessing to the crime, Padua was sentenced to 19 years in prison, but left prison in 1999 on parole.

The crime that shocked Brazil was reported in the documentary miniseries Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez, released on HBOMax. It was after the release of the production that the former actor decided to record a video, on August 2 of this year, asking for forgiveness for the first time to Gloria Perez and Raul Gazolla, almost thirty years after the murder. “I ask your forgiveness for all the suffering I caused you”, he said in the recording, addressing the victim’s mother.

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