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Luis Carlos da Silva mistakenly entered the Cavalo de Aço Community, in Senador Camará – Reproduction

Luis Carlos da Silva mistakenly entered the Cavalo de Aço Community, in Senador Camaráreproduction

Published 11/24/2022 12:10 | Updated 11/24/2022 12:32 PM

Rio – Military Police sub-lieutenant Luis Carlos da Silva, 52, was shot dead on Wednesday night (23) in the Cavalo de Aço Community, in Senador Camará, in the West Zone of Rio. The PM entered the place by mistake after following a route stipulated by his car’s GPS.

Initial information indicates that Luis was driving his car through streets in the region when traffic had to be diverted because of a fallen pole. The officer then followed the GPS information and ended up entering the community by mistake. The military car was approached by criminals with rifles. He would have been scared and tried to leave the scene, but was shot.

The PM was taken to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) of Senador Camará, but could not resist the injuries. According to the Military Police, a team from the 14th BPM (Bangu) went to the health unit and found the fact.

Questioned, the PM did not say whether it carries out searches in the region to find the suspects of the crime. The institution also mourned the death of the police officer, who was stationed at the 4th BPM (São Cristóvão) and had worked at the corporation since 1996.

“It is with great regret that we communicate the death of our dear friend Sub Ten Luis Carlos da Silva, who was victimized by criminals of the law when moving from work to his residence in Campo Grande”, posted the 4th BPM on a social network.

Luis left two children, his wife and a grandson. There is still no information on when and where the burial will take place. The police officer’s body awaits release at the Legal Medical Institute (IML) Afrânio Peixoto, in downtown Rio.


Capital Homicide Police (DHC) agents have opened an inquiry to investigate the police officer’s death. So far, the suspects have not been found. This Thursday (24), the Denunciation Hotline released a poster asking for information about the perpetrators of the crime. The reward for helping with the investigation is R$5,000.

With the death of the police officer, the number of Security Agents killed in violent actions in Rio de Janeiro this year rises to 54, according to the Portal dos Procurados, 35 from the Military Police, five from the Civil Police, five from the Navy, two from the Criminal Police/SEAP, two from the Rio Fire Department, one from the Federal Highway Police – PRF, one from Degase, one from the Municipal Guard, one from the Air Force and one from the Army.


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