CDB at 250% of the CDI, dollar discount, zero brokerage: see Black Friday promotions for investments

CDB at 250% of the CDI, dollar discount, zero brokerage: see Black Friday promotions for investments
CDB at 250% of the CDI, dollar discount, zero brokerage: see Black Friday promotions for investments

The long-awaited Black Friday, one of the dates of the year when the population’s money is most disputed, is coming. The offers jump in front of the eyes at all times. But it is possible to be an investor instead of a consumer: the financial market offers good opportunities for your money to multiply, instead of disappearing.

Banks and brokerages are promoting promotions that deserve the attention of those who want to start investing or improve their income. There are options for different profiles, from the most cautious to those who like strong emotions.

In XP, for example, the conditions are valid until the end of November. The highlights in fixed income are CDBs (Bank Deposit Certificates) from companies such as Pernambucanas and Banco Daycoval, as well as LCI (Real Estate Credit Letter) from Caixa Econômica Federal and LCA (Agribusiness Letter of Credit) from Sicredi. New customers are also contemplated with the CDB of Torcida XP, which can yield up to 250% of the CDI rate (main reference for fixed income profitability) and the CDB of Banco XP, at 120% of the CDI.

In variable income, contributions made in any of the automated portfolios entitle you to zero brokerage in the first month. In addition, contributions of BRL 5,000 grant access to a retroactive Income Tax calculator for the year 2022. With contributions of BRL 15,000, the “in-band” income tax calculator is valid until December 2023.

Investors who choose to invest in funds have the minimum initial contributions in some portfolios reduced from BRL 5,000 to BRL 500.

Rico Investimentos is also offering special rates for several products, such as CDBs, LCIs, LCAs and debentures. Among them, three investments by CDBs: Paulista, Banco Daycoval and Banco Master, as well as one by LCI Banco Original. In addition, investors can join the GOL CDB promotion, which has a potential yield of up to 250% of the CDI.

CBDs are also the focus of Órama. Until this Friday (25), customers will have rates between 16% and 17% per annum on fixed-rate securities issued by Will Financeira and BRK Financeira, for a period of 24 months. There are also CDBs issued by Banco Pine with special rates for those who invest until this Thursday (24). There are two maturity options, with a minimum amount to start investments of R$ 1 thousand and stock is limited.

At Ativa Investimentos, several products entered Black Friday. In fixed income, there are two Will Financeira CDBs, with maturity in two years and rates of 126% of the CDI (in the case of post-fixed) and 16.58% (in the case of prefixed). The remuneration varies every day and it is possible to invest until Friday.

There are also opportunities in private pension. All Icatu funds can be contracted, until tomorrow, with a minimum contribution of BRL 1 thousand and/or a monthly contribution of BRL 50.

In addition, on the financial education front, all active, inactive or non-customers who make a transfer of BRL 1,000 or more and invest in a product by Monday (28) will have free access to a personal finance course and investments taught by Beatriz Oliveira de Morais. Until the 30th, there is still a 20% discount coupon to hire a MyCapital Income Tax calculator through Ativa.

Toro Investimentos focused its promotions on fixed income. In addition to a CDB that pays 125% of the CDI, the brokerage will also offer other assets with special rates – this Thursday, for example, a prefixed LCA from Banco ABC paid 13.05% per annum.

discount coins

For those thinking about traveling, there are deals on coins. Until tomorrow, Europa Câmbio, by B&T Câmbio, applies discounts of R$ 0.05 and R$ 0.10 cents on dollar or euro purchases. The promotion is valid for cash and international prepaid cards. The institution explains that the special conditions will be applied to the final price of the currencies at the time of purchase, which already includes IOF and fees.

Taking advantage of the World Cup, Remessa Online created promotions lasting until the end of the World Cup or while the Brazilian team remains in contention for the sixth championship. The company offers customers up to a 60% reduction in the cost of exchange operations carried out through the platform.

People who operate from now on will have R$ 180,000 as an annual limit, with the maximum per transaction set at R$ 90,000. Normally, the limits were BRL 100,000 per year and BRL 50,000 per operation.

According to Julia Pereira, marketing director at Remessa Online, the expectation, when joining Black Friday with the World Cup, is to register a 30% growth in transacted value and reach the mark of R$ 285 million handled in the period.

New Nomad customers and those who have not yet made their first foreign exchange remittance, either to their current or investment account, will have a cashback of 1.1% referring to the IOF charged in the transaction. The campaign ends today and is valid for the first $1,000 remitted in one go. Payment is made within one business day after the completion of the exchange rate conversion in the customer’s account. The idea is to encourage customers to already guarantee their dollars, with the IOF on behalf of Nomad, to take advantage of discounts in large e-commerces and physical stores during that month.

Ourominas offers discounts this Friday (25) on the acquisition of foreign currencies, gold – and even an international telephone chip. The purchase of dollars and euros, for example, has zero banking fees and administrative fees. For every US$ 1,000 purchased, the customer will earn another US$ 5. The same goes for the purchase of euros: for every thousand purchased, there will be a bonus of another 5 euros.

In the case of gold purchases, brokerage, administration and manufacturing fees are also zero. The company also offers a special discount for those who purchase bars of 1 or 2 grams (24k), with free shipping throughout Brazil. In addition, the repurchase is guaranteed.

Ourominas also offers an international chip that can be used in 60 countries and is for life, with seven plans available and discounts of up to 40%. The phone number remains the same, just recharge and enjoy the trip, without having to worry about the Wi-Fi signal.


Bybit brokerage focused on investors who have a taste for risk and prepared to receive those who want to get to know the crypto world. To participate, until Saturday (26), you must be a new user or have never made a deposit at Bybit, deposit the equivalent of US$ 50 or more and complete a registration. In total, approximately 40,000 units of the Tether cryptocurrency (USDT) will be distributed worldwide. Each user will be able to earn up to $35 USDTs, plus two iPhone 14s.

The award varies according to the movement transacted on the platform. The campaign is limited to 1,000 eligible participants, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The bonus can be used as a voucher for spot asset trading. Two participants will be randomly selected from those eligible to win an airdrop of 1100 USDT, equivalent to the value of an Iphone 14. Each Bybit account can only participate in one competition within the same period.

Financial education

Financial education is part of the Black Friday menu of investments. XP Educação is offering a 40% to 60% discount for courses focused on finance and technology, within the Muti+ platform (comprised of bootcamps and short courses) and in specializations, postgraduates and MBAs.

Examples of courses that are within the promotion are MBAs in Data Engineering and in Business Intelligencelike this bootcamps Fixed Income Data Scientist and Cyber ​​Defense Analyst.

Levante Investimentos offers, starting at a 50% discount, series of recommendations with market investment strategies. There is a 30-day guarantee so that the customer can test these strategies in practice. If you are not satisfied, you will get 100% of your investment back. The highly sought-after Operation Fênix dropped from R$2,376 to R$1,188, an amount that can be paid in 12 installments of R$99.

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