actress’ wake takes place this afternoon in SP

actress’ wake takes place this afternoon in SP
actress’ wake takes place this afternoon in SP

Actress Márcia Manfredini’s body will be veiled today, from 12h to 16h, in São Paulo (SP). The ceremony will take place at Velório Jardim Avelino, in Vila Prudente, a neighborhood on the east side of the capital.

Márcia died yesterday, aged 62. According to a friend close to the actress, she died sleeping at her home in Tatuapé, also on the east side of the city. The cause of death was not disclosed.

The information was released by actor Blota Filho on social networks. According to Quem magazine, after the wake, Márcia will be cremated.

In an interview with the publication, Blota said he spoke with the actress for two and a half hours last Sunday.

“Her son, Nicolas Manfredini, who lives in Portugal, where he works as a theater lighting designer, called me around noon and said that she went to sleep and never woke up. She lived with her mother, Dona Cida, who is in her 80s and early 80s. years old, and daughter Luiza, in Tatuapé. She was very well, she took care of herself a lot, even too much. She went to the doctor, took her medicine, had no health problems”, he said.

According to him, the family is shaken: “Her children [Nicolas e Luiza] they’re pretty shaken! It’s a mix of pain, hate, anger and pity!”.


On air in “Família Paraíso”, on Globo’s Sunday afternoons, Márcia Manfredini became known for working on the series “A Grande Família”, shown in prime time on Globo between 2001 and 2014. She played Abgail, the gossip neighbor and owner of a video store, who was always trying to sue the Silva family. She was engaged to Beiçola (Marcos Oliveira).

Still at Globo, he participated in another famous series. In “Sandy e Junior”, she gave life to Dona Irene, owner of the school canteen where the protagonists studied. She also made appearances in the soap operas “Êta Mundo Bom” (2016), “Carinha de Anjo” (2016) and “Deus Salve o Rei” (2018).

In cinema, he acted in the features “Sábado” (1994), “Alô?” (1995), “Carousel: The Movie” (2015) and “Eu Sou Brasileiro” (2019).

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