Apple makes big change to App Store pricing structure

THE apple announced today the biggest change to the pricing scheme of app store since launch, now providing developers with an additional 700 pricing options and new tools that will make it easier to set app/subscription pricing by country, manage exchange rate changes, and more.

Under the App Store’s new pricing system, all developers will be able to select from 900 price ranges, which is nearly 10x the amount previously available for most apps. This includes 600 new pricing options, many with even higher values ​​— available upon request.

To provide developers around the world with even more flexibility, the new pricing options will gradually increase every R$0.50 up to R$50, every R$1 between R$0.90 and R$200, and so on; Rounded prices will also be available, in addition to values ​​starting with two repeating digits. You can see additional conventions and pricing options for each currency in this file. [PDF]