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DHPP indicts businessman and criminal police officer for death of PCC member

DHPP indicts businessman and criminal police officer for death of PCC member
DHPP indicts businessman and criminal police officer for death of PCC member

Businessman Antônio Vinícius Lopes Gritzbach, 36, and criminal police officer David Moreira da Silva, 38, were indicted for the deaths of Anselmo Becheli Santa Fausta, 38, Cara Preta, PCC (First Command of the Capital) drug trafficker, and his driver , Antônio Corona Neto, 33, the Bloodless.

Black Face and Bloodless were shot dead on December 27, 2021, at Rua Armindo Guaraná, 110, in Tatuapé, east zone of São Paulo. The author of the shots, Noé Alves Schaun, 42, was killed in the same region by the PCC’s “crime court” on January 16 of this year. He had his head cut off.

Delegate Rodrigo Borges Petrilli, from the DHPP (Department of Homicide and Personal Protection), formally indicted Antônio Vinícius and David on the 29th. The businessman was questioned and denied participation in the crime. The criminal police officer expressed the desire to remain silent. Both are free.

The report was unable to contact the lawyers of Antônio Vinícius Gritzbach and David Moreira da Silva, but will publish the full version of the defenders of both as soon as there is a demonstration.

For the DHPP, the businessman is the mastermind of the crime. According to investigations conducted by Petrilli, from the DHPP’s 3rd Police Station for the Repression of Multiple Homicide, Antônio Vinícius hired David to plan and Noé to carry out the murder.

The police say that Vinícius moved R$ 200 million from Cara Preta in cryptocurrencies and misappropriated the money. The drug trafficker demanded the immediate return of the amount and for that reason he was murdered. Bloodless was with him and ended up dead too.

Chief Petrilli’s team gathered robust evidence against the businessman and the criminal police officer. The investigations pointed out that David bought a cell phone in a store in São Miguel Paulista, east zone, just to talk to Noé about planning the murder of Cara Preta.

Noé also acquired a device to exchange messages with the penal police. They registered the equipment fraudulently. The analyzes of the ERBs (Radio Base Station) that make the cell phone connection place the two at the crime scene and show that they communicated before, during and after the murder.

burnt arm

The DHPP also found out that David set fire to the gray Fiat Palio, with two doors, used by Noé in the crime, and abandoned at Rua do Túnel, 123, Penha de França neighborhood, east zone. The criminal police officer suffered burns on his arm when he set fire to the car

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