See who are the participants of Big Brother Brasil 23

The long-awaited list of new BBB 23 brothers and sisters was released this Thursday, the 12th. fair, 16. See the members below:

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Aline Wirley

Member of the Camarote group, 41-year-old singer and communicator is afraid of being cancelled, she once wanted to be a nun and wants to inspire black women in reality. Aline was successful in the Rouge group and is married to Igor Rickli, with whom she has an 8-year-old son, Antônio.

Bruna Griphao

The 23-year-old actress from Rio de Janeiro is in the Camarote group. She is of Greek descent, entered TV inspired by Xuxa and considers herself intense and explosive. Bruna Griphao was also an athlete and regrets her artistic name.


Journalist and influencer, he says he always dreamed of reality and that it is the biggest challenge of his life. Fred tried to be a soccer player and has a son with Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, a former BBB 20 sister.

Fred is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo

Domitila Barros

38-year-old model, actress and activist from Pernambuco won the title of Miss Germany 2022. She was the first black immigrant to be crowned Miss Germany.

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During an interview with Conversa com Bial in March last year, he appealed to Boninho to be on BBB 23: “See your DM!”

Domitila Barros is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo

Antonio ‘Sapato Face’ Jr

A 32-year-old MMA fighter, he has a trajectory of career upheavals. He hopes to bring from the fight the resilience to continue and know how to deal with situations: “Sometimes, you are losing and you have to turn the game around.”

A member of the Camarote group, Cara de Sapato is a friend of Gabriel Medina and Chay Suede. He spent New Year’s Eve with Gabriel Medina and friends on the south coast of Pernambuco.

Antonio 'Cara de Sapato' is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo

Fred Nicacio

At 35, Fred Nicácio is a doctor, physiotherapist and presenter. It went viral on the internet for moving a lady attended for the first time in her life by a black man. Among his achievements, he always talks about his freedom.

“I’m proud of so many things I’ve done throughout my life, but mostly of being a free man. I have it tattooed here on my neck: freedom. I’m so proud”.

Among his curiosities, he is 1.80 tall and considers himself a spacious person. He has also been married for three years and is in an open relationship.

Fred Nicácio is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo

key alves

At just 23 years old, Key Alves is a volleyball player and influencer. She is successful on an adult content platform and is the most followed player in the world on social networks.

A member of Grupo Camarote, she promises to seize reality opportunities to leave with the prize and help her family. “People who are athletes never want to enter just to participate. So, in my mind, it’s a championship.”

Key Alves is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


Born in Bento Ribeiro, a suburb of Rio, his career in music started early. At the age of 5, he began to sing at the church he attended with his mother and dedicated himself to the gospel segment in the following years.

At the age of 16, in 2016, he got his first big break by signing up for The Voice Brasil. The four chairs turned and she understood that this was the chance she needed.

Marvvila is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo

Gabriel Santana

The 23-year-old actor started his career as Mosca, one of the protagonists of the remake of Chiquititas. At Globo, Gabriel debuted in the series Carcereiros, made the last season of Malhação, “Toda Forma de Amar”, in 2019, and was part of the cast of Pantanal as Renato, the bad character son of Tenório (Murilo Benício).

Gabriel Santana is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo

MC guime

Guilherme Aparecido Dantas, better known as MC Guimê, is 30 years old, was born in Osasco, in São Paulo, and is married to Lexa. Guimê started working at a young age. His first job was at a grocery store and his first contact with music was doing live rhymes at the age of 12.

He heard from friends that he had talent, but only at 15 did he believe he could make a living from his art. He then began composing and, just over a year later, saw his career take off.

MC Guimê is on BBB 23 — Photo: Globo


The model has already been with Anitta, Luísa Sonza and has about 50 tattoos on her body. From Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, he lives in Florianópolis and was chosen by the public after participating in Casa de Vidro. Gabriel is in the Popcorn group.

Gabriel is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


From Jacundá, in Pará, Paula has Luísa Sonza as a sex symbol and likes to talk to herself. She rocked Casa de Vidro, danced with the audience, taught little steps, had fun remembering the episode in which she used a relationship app and received an unusual visit from her ex-boyfriend.

Paula is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


Cezar has already changed his name, has unusual tattoos and bought a boat with friends. The 34-year-old neonatal nurse is a member of the Pipoca group and faces reality without thinking about fame, but as a chance to change his life.

He has already had Botox on his face, but discards plastic surgery. And he guarantees that he has no filling in his mouth: They are ‘honey lips’, according to him.

Cezar is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


The matogrossense is 27 years old and promises to play with everything in the season! Religious, he made a novena to enter the competition and ask for his grandfather’s health. Gustavo has pet horses, is a Harry Potter fan and receives more than 500 sung a day on social media.

Also single, he says he is getting into the game open to relationships: “Is my great love inside the house?”

Gustavo is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


A member of the Pipoca group, the 20-year-old personal trainer has already been teased by celebrities and exchanged messages with Lucas Lucco. Larissa had two plastic surgeries: liposculpture and a silicone implant. “Today I’m pretty satisfied with my body,” she says.

She was also a Bible salesman and enjoys singing in the shower. She has been single since February after ending a 6-year relationship.

Larissa is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


He is a biomedical doctor, assists people in the periphery, has the dream of studying medicine and becoming a geriatrician. A member of the Pipoca group, Ricardo recalls the prejudice he suffered during his master’s degree: “People used to say I was a fake. Until one day I exploded.

On a daily basis, he skates as a means of transportation and physical activity. Sergipe also reveals that he is very gossip.

Ricardo is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo

Sarah Aline

Born in Osasco, São Paulo, the 25-year-old psychologist did not come to this world for a walk. She gained her financial independence at age 21 and goes after what she wants. “I am a very confident woman, very intense. I matured very quickly. The BBB is my dream that reminds me that I’m only 25 years old, because sometimes I think I’m a 38/40 woman”, she says.

Sarah Aline is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


A member of Grupo Pipoca, the 32-year-old potiguar is a professional makeup artist, digital influencer and entrepreneur.

Marília is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


Born and raised in Caxias do Sul, he is 32 years old and graduated in Physical Education. He works as a businessman in the fitness industry in his city, but he has already been a model and competed in Mister Universe.

A member of Grupo Pipoca, he guarantees that he has everything it takes to be a good leader at BBB 23. “I can quickly convince people of what I want and take a stand at the head of situations”.

Cristian is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


Bruno Nogueira is a resident of São José da Laje, in the interior of Alagoas. The 32-year-old civil servant reveals that he looked up to Lady Gaga to build his persona.

The Pipoca group member is single and says he is free to be with whoever he wants. He guarantees that he doesn’t fall in love and emphasizes that he enjoys kissing many mouths.

Bruno is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


The 29-year-old Angolan was born in the city of Huambo. The youngest of seven siblings, she crossed the ocean eight years ago and fulfilled her dream of setting foot in the country she only knew on TV.

A resident of São Paulo, the journalist and model does not consider returning to her homeland. Tina has two daughters: Raquel, 6, and Alana, 4.

Tina is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


The intensivist doctor is 31 years old, is from Astorga, in the north of Paraná, and lives a routine of shifts in the ICU. She is the first in her family to enter a university and her passion for medicine started at the age of 14.

Amanda had a nomadic childhood and moved towns usually four times a year. With that, she had to learn to adapt. She works shifts at the hospital to pay student loans and help her family.

Amanda is a BBB 23 participant — Photo: Globo


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