Lockwood & Co. | END EXPLAINED – What was behind the door? Who was the traitor?

the 1st season of Lockwood & Cofrom Netflix, showed a world infested with ghosts, but what was the real problem that the protagonists faced?

In the first season of Lockwood & Co., Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes) has escaped a difficult home life to join Lockwood & Co., a ghost-hunting agency run by teenagers in a heavily haunted London. She proves to be an exceptional “listener” – someone who can hear spirits – and becomes a great asset to the agency, where her partners are Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) and George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati). The crew hunts not only ghosts, but also the answers to mysteries that not even their rival agencies can solve. In doing so, they nearly die or become “ghost-locked” (basically, a haunted coma) countless times.

So how did it all turn out? We’ll answer your burning questions and replay that spooky ending.


Ever since The Problem (aka ghosts running rampant in London), the world of Lockwood & Co. it was populated by a variety of obscure characters. Rounding out the cast are Ivanno Jeremiah as DEPRAC (aka the Department of Psychic Research and Control) Inspector Barnes, Hayley Konadu as Flo Bones, Jack Bandeira as Quill Kipps (the Lockwood agency’s fiercest rival), Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes, Ben Crompton as Julius Winkman and Luke Treadaway as The Golden Blade. To read more about the cast and characters, check out this guide.

Who is Edmund Bickerstaff?

An excavation operation hires Lockwood & Co. to investigate a historic cemetery where Edmund Bickerstaff, a necrophiliac who performed ghostly rituals, was buried over a century ago. They discover an iron coffin containing a skeleton and an unusual mirror they call Bone Glass. All of this was mysteriously sealed off decades before the trouble started. While researching the case, George realizes that the person in the iron coffin is Bickerstaff himself. Before Lockwood & Co. can do anything with the mirror, it is stolen from under their noses.

Lockwood and Co review: Netflix's next big thing | BT TV

Lockwood and Co review: Netflix's next big thing | BT TV

What is the Dulac book?

Attending a party hosted by Fittes, the renowned paranormal investigation agency, Lucy and Lockwood sneak into the library to steal a rare book. At first, occultist Mary Dulac’s book of confessions appears to be full of absurdities and invented mysteries. But upon closer inspection, he tells how Dulac killed Bickerstaff while he was holding the Bone Glass for her to see. After shooting him, she sealed him away from unleashing her dark powers on anyone else. The book reveals that the Bone Glass is actually not a mirror, but a window into another realm that possesses anyone who looks into it.

How does the first season of Lockwood & Co. end?

After stealing back the Bone Glass from black market merchant Julius Winkman, Lucy and Lockwood are confronted by the expert swordsman (and accomplice of Fittes Agency President Penelope Fittes) The Golden Blade. Barely escaping from it, they deliver the mirror to George and Lockwood’s former associate and relic hunter, Flo. The plan is to return the Bone Glass to DEPRAC – but as soon as George is alone with it, he goes out of his way and calls Joplin, saying he has the mirror.

Lockwood and Co Ending Explained: Does the Trio Find the Bone Glass Mirror? | leisurebyte

Lockwood and Co Ending Explained: Does the Trio Find the Bone Glass Mirror? | leisurebyte

Joplin and George are reunited, and go to some catacombs, where George finds Fitte’s agent, Kipps, being attacked by a rogue spirit. After George saves him, Joplin handcuffs Kipps and threatens him with a knife that George eventually recognizes as the weapon that killed Carver.

Lucy and George then run after George, and arrive at the cemetery chapel, and notice that Bickerstaff’s body is no longer in its iron coffin. They think he must be in the catacombs, but his descent is stopped by Kipps’ fitte agents, who have followed George to the cemetery to intercept the Bone Glass. The two groups put aside their differences and team up to find the missing agents, George and Kipps. Winkman and his crew close in, so Lucy swoops down to rescue George while the rest fight them off – and barely manage to escape.

Who is Joplin? Lockwood & Co. character explained

Who is Joplin? Lockwood & Co. character explained

Is Joplin a traitor?

In the catacombs, Lucy consults the ever-trusted skull in a jar, said to have been there when the Bone Glass was made, and that it was created from the bones of seven bodies – whose torment was trapped in the glass to make a window into “the eternal. ” The skull says he never looked in the mirror, because it’s too dangerous: the way to look is through someone else’s eyes – someone weak, curious and vulnerable. Lucy thinks of George.

Nearby, George notices Bickerstaff’s dead body and questions Joplin. She says that she has discovered that children have the best ability to see beyond and wants to use Kipps as a conduit to see (indirectly) into the Bone Glass – into the eternal. George puts two and two together: he would have been the conduit if they hadn’t found Kipps. But Kipps has lost his ghost hunting powers – which happens with age – so he’s useless. Joplin lets him go, instead of targeting George.

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Will There Be a 'Lockwood & Co.' Season 2 on Netflix? | Decide

What happens at the end of the season?

Lucy finds George tied up and offers to look in a mirror to save his life, which Joplin agrees to. But it’s a trick: instead, Lucy makes the skull look at him. The skull tells Lucy that what she sees is not what they expect: the mirror doesn’t give viewers a glimpse of their truest desires; it kills them. George breaks the mirror, but Joplin is still able to look into it – which destroys her and frees the souls trapped inside. Lockwood, who was shot by The Golden Blade while fighting Winkman and his team, recovers in time to save Lucy and George from Bickerstaff’s ghost, who escapes when the mirror explodes. After the dust settles, Lockwood makes up with Kipps.

Lockwood & Co Ending Explained: What Was Behind The Mystery Door? - OtakuKart

Lockwood & Co Ending Explained: What Was Behind The Mystery Door? - OtakuKart

What was the door?

But not everything is happily ever after: the series hints at a larger conspiracy involving Penelope Fittes and The Golden Blade, and ends on a cliffhanger just as Lockwood prepares to reveal more about his mysterious past.

We still don’t know what Lockwood hides behind that door, but everything indicates that he has a connection with his parents. It could even be some artifact that has a connection with their death. For now this remains a mystery and we will only find out if the series is renewed.

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