BenQ has the best monitors for professional use, here’s why

THE benqa renowned technology company in professional display solutions, distributed in Portugal by Robisa, became the first independent monitor manufacturer in the world to obtain validation Pantone SkinTone. An asset that will make all the difference.

Especially for models DesignVue PD3205U and PD2705Uwith anticipation in models PhotoVue SW selected, these will be some of the best reference monitors you can buy.

BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology includes the Pantone system and the result is in sight

“Having created AQCOLOR technology to deliver accurate color to the global community of color professionals, we now look forward to integrating Pantone SkinTone Validated into more inclusive technology products than ever before.” Comments Conway Lee, President of BenQ Corporation.

“Pantone SkinTone Validated allows designers and photographers to be confident they are reproducing true colors and faithfully representing the world’s skin color palette.” Adds the executive.

More faithful and accurate representation of skin tones

Leveraging the Pantone SkinTone guide, the first science-based system for matching and reproducing human skin tones, the program comprises 110 skin tones. They are based on thousands of human skin measurements from a wide range of ethnicities and age groups.

As an extension of the Pantone Validated program, Pantone SkinTone Validated assures color professionals that certified devices comply with the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Accuracy and fidelity as key factors when choosing a monitor

BenQ DesignVue PD3205U Monitor

In addition, they faithfully reproduce skin tones to represent equality and representation of all potential customers. It’s possible here thanks to BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology that includes the Pantone system for accurate interpretation of all skin tones.

“The Pantone SkinTone Validated program exemplifies inclusiveness in technology. We are excited to be working alongside BenQ to help them achieve skin color accuracy in both their products and services for a better, more accurate experience,” comments Iain Pike, Director of Licensing and Business Development at Pantone.

In short, they are effectively arguments that are acceptable when choosing a new monitor for work. Especially for image editing, photography and video work, ensuring a more faithful representation of reality.

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