Omni-Man vs Soldier Boy: Who Wins?


Recently, audiences that don’t read comics but enjoy the universe of superheroes have been taken out of their Marvel/DC comfort zone and introduced to two new pantheons of super-beings at once: The Boys and Invincible. Both have very powerful characters, but what would happen if these Lands crossed? It’s time for Omni Man confront the Soldier Boy, which is interesting considering he’s already gone by Captain Homeland. Does the father do better than the son? Let’s check.

Powers and Abilities

Nolan Grayson, the Omni-Man, is a Viltrumite. This race, to facilitate understanding, is basically a mix between DC Kryptonians and Dragon Ball Saiyans.

Omni-Man has superhuman strength, stamina and speed, flight, a healing factor, and a certain degree of invulnerability. Basically, he has Superman’s powers, except for heat vision and super breath. Also, unlike Kryptonians, a Viltrumite does not need a yellow sun to charge their powers. Their powers come from their advanced genetics, so they have the same abilities in every corner of the galaxy.

Before the experiment the Russians performed on him, Soldier Boy’s only asset was his powerful body, sort of like a version of Captain America. However, after the Russian experiment, he gained the ability to fire blasts of nuclear energy from his body. These blasts are powerful enough to burn normal humans and even supers.

Possibly this shot could do some damage to Omni-Man, especially considering that in the crossover with the Supreme in the comics, Nolan was particularly concerned with avoiding his opponent’s heat vision. However, considering how long Soldier Boy takes to charge the attack, his biggest asset would be nothing. Add that to Omni-Man’s much larger skill set and it’s Nolan’s point.

Strength and Endurance

Soldier Boy is extremely tough and practically invulnerable to almost all types of damage, as seen in the experiment done on him by the Russians. He is bulletproof and can take hits from someone as powerful as Homeland, the most powerful being in The Boys, who could easily kill a person with a simple punch. This means that almost nothing can kill Soldier Boy. Emphasis on almost.

It turns out that Omni-Man’s level is another. To give you an idea, a Viltrumite’s body generates less fatigue toxins than a human’s, allowing them to fight and move for long periods without showing fatigue. With an enhanced lung capacity, they can hold their breath for up to two weeks and are able to travel through outer space without any problems.

And of course, there’s Omni-Man’s invulnerability, which is a case in point. Viltrumites can fight for a few minutes in the center of the sun without dying, and have such an advanced healing factor that even these burns heal in a short time. Only a being with the power equal to or greater than that of a Viltrumite can break through their skin, and even in cases where this has happened, they have been able to regenerate even from wounds that basically exposed their organs. So, in terms of strength and endurance, it’s also a point for Omni-Man.


When we come to intelligence, especially when we think about its application in combat, it is not possible to say that Soldier Boy is already very intelligent, not least because in the universe of The Boys this is somewhat of a rarity among supers. Most of the more powerful of them tend to rely too heavily on their powers, leaving strategy to the side, and that’s what Soldier Boy demonstrated in basically all of his appearances throughout the show’s third season.

Intelligence isn’t exactly a Viltrumite ability, but they have slowed aging and therefore can live for thousands of years, as is the case with Omni-Man himself. Viltrumites are trained from an early age to conquer other planets for their Empire, which requires deep studies not only of Viltrum, but of the civilizations they will dominate. A graduate of the Viltrumite Academy, Nolan is an accomplished strategist and possesses enormous analytical power in battle. So once again, he wouldn’t give it to Soldier Boy.

Combat Skills

Unlike Captain America, Soldier Boy does not appear to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He can fight at close range, but lacks the martial arts skills or advanced training of other supers such as Black Noir. This is likely due to the fact that he relied on his strength throughout his entire life and had no need to develop fighting skills.

The same could be said of Omni-Man, after all, like all Viltrumites, he relies much more on the quick dominance that his powers allow. However, it is a known fact that the Viltrumites have military training that includes combat skills – some of which can even be seen briefly in a moment when Nolan narrates life in Viltrum.

Being a warrior people, who need to deal with all kinds of races from the planets that they need to dominate, it is clear that there are times when they encounter races that have powers equivalent to theirs, so special combat skills are the big difference in these cases. It looks like a rout, because it is. Point for Omni-Man


But anyone who thinks that the Viltrumites have no weaknesses is wrong. To accommodate its ability to fly, a Viltrumite’s inner ear is extremely delicate and balanced. When a Viltrumite’s balance in their ears is disturbed, particularly by high frequencies, it can cause extreme pain and even kill them. The intensity of the frequency determines the pain of the attack.

Soldier Boy is traumatized by the Russian torture and experiments he has endured for nearly forty years. One of his known triggers is a Russian song called Escape, which was played while he was experimenting. When reminded of his trauma, he becomes emotionally overwhelmed and tends to lose control of his powers. Furthermore, what can also be considered a weakness is the time it takes to prepare its energy discharge.

Considering that the Viltrumites’ weakness has been a closely guarded secret for years, and that as we’ve already assessed, Soldier Boy isn’t very bright, that point also goes to Omni-Man.


The result could not be different: Omni-Man destroys Soldier Boy with relative ease, considering that not even Captain Homeland offers a very significant challenge. Omni-Man, and the Viltrumites in general, have basically the same destructive power as Superman, but without many of his limitations.

In the first episode of the animated series of Invincible, he single-handedly faced the equivalent of the Justice League and demonstrated all his versatility in battle, even reaching the speed of Red Wind, the speedster of the team. Even though Soldier Boy’s nuclear explosion could injure him, it’s virtually impossible for him to take the attack.


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