Show “Luccas Neto – Good VS Evil” takes place this weekend

Show “Luccas Neto – Good VS Evil” takes place this weekend
Show “Luccas Neto – Good VS Evil” takes place this weekend

The phenomenon of children Luccas Neto performs special musical performances this weekend. This Saturday, the 18th, it will be at Teatro Feevale (Universidade Feevale, RS-239, 2755), in Novo Hamburgo. Sunday, the 19th, will be at the Araújo Vianna Auditorium (Parque Farroupilha, 685), in Porto Alegre. Tickets are available at

In this new show, “Luccas Neto – O Bem Vs O Mal”, the adventurers have the mission to save the “City of Joy” from villains. With the participation of Aventureira Vermelha, Aventureira Roxa and Aventureiro Branco, the show reinforces the importance of union, friendship and love.

In this adventure, new villains will try to spoil the plans of the adventurers who, in turn, will remain committed to fulfilling their dreams. The saga also has the help of the super-young audience to sing, dance and have fun.

Luccas Neto’s show is a musical with special effects, as well as dance, music and choreography that demonstrate the importance of unity, love and friendship, to simple everyday attitudes such as oral health care and respect. To the next.

About Lucas Neto

Born in Rio de Janeiro, entrepreneur, actor, producer and screenwriter Luccas Neto is popular in the children’s universe and with a history of producing content intrinsically linked to entertainment and socio-educational messages for children.

In 2018, he created Luccas Neto Studios, which operates in different areas, such as: technology (with the creation of applications and games); films (feature films for on demand services such as NetNow, Netflix, cinema, TV and other major platforms); YouTube (with the creation of content for channels such as Em Libras); publishing (books in partnership with the publisher Ediouro), music, licensing of products and concerts, generating more than 100 jobs directly and indirectly.

All content produced is 100% authorial, curated by a multidisciplinary team, made up of pedagogues and educators, in order to pass on positive messages, lessons, responsibility and dreams to children.



March 18 (Saturday), at 6 pm, at Teatro Fevale – Novo Hamburgo
March 19 (Sunday), at 2 pm, at the Araújo Vianna Auditorium – Porto Alegre
Free classification

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