Gileno Santoro, voice actor of Dragon Ball, dies at 74

Gileno Santoro
Gileno Santoro, voice actor, dies at the age of 74 (Image: Reproduction / YouTube)

voice actor of Master kame in Dragon Ballthe actor Gileno Santoro died at age 74. The news took fans of the voice acting world by surprise. Born in October 1948, in São Paulo, the artist was considered one of the most beloved names in the world of national dubbing.

In addition to Mestre Roshi, Gileno Santoro voiced the Uncle Chan in the animation Jackie Chan Adventuresbesides the Professor Hubert Farnsworth in futurama It’s from yoki in full metal alchemist.

Death of Gileno Santoro leaves fans shaken

The voice actor’s death was announced on Twitter. An internet user was incredulous at the departure of the famous, but pointed out that he left incredible works for the public. Another thanked Santoro for being part of his childhood and that of millions of people through dubbing.

Four years ago, the voice actor Wendel Bezerra invited Gileno for an interview, released on June 29, considered Dub Artist Day. At the time, Bezerra wrote that the date could not have been celebrated in any other way than with a chat with his professional colleague.

Santoro became of great importance to Dragon Ball fans because of his work as Master Roshi. The Brazilian’s voice gave personality and charisma to the character, who became one of the most beloved by the public.

Created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, the anime tells the saga of Goku in search of the Dragon Balls. When gathered, they can grant a wish.

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