Darlita Albino breaks everything in locking


The second Brazilian edition of the Red Bull Dance Your Style, the coolest urban dance competition in the world. It will take place on the 29th, in Rio de Janeiro, and this year the contest starts with a different taste: the presence of Darlita Albino, a dancer who took the 2022 title showing a lot of skill in locking.

Characterized by fast, wide and firm movements, locking came from American funk and was born at the end of the 60s. Perhaps it is not so much of a coincidence then that one of the mentors of Darlita’s career is simply Nelson Triunfo, the guy who invented Brazilian hip-hop with your swing. “I started taking classes at the age of 10 at a cultural center in Itaquera [zona leste de São Paulo] and he was one of my first teachers”, says the dancer. “I was very lucky right at the beginning, with him introducing me to all the possibilities of hip-hop.”

Darlita Albino, the first Red Bull Dance Your Style Brazil champion

© Marcelo Maragni

But not all the luck in the world would have taken Darlita to where she is: her talent made all the difference. “It may sound cliché, but I feel like I never started dancing because I always danced, my mother used to dance when she was pregnant with me”, says the São Paulo native. And as she danced at family parties and saw her older sister taking a dance class, her passion for moving her body grew even more.

“I was young and had all the time in the world, so when I started taking classes, I did every possible dance style”, recalls Darlita. “My family always supported me, but the first time I realized that I could earn money from dancing was when I did an event with a teacher and he wanted to pay me for the work”, she says. And who was that teacher? Himself: Nelson Triunfo. “It opened my eyes, but I had to struggle a lot because I realized that being a black woman, there were places where I was just not welcome.”

Once again Darlita’s talent spoke louder and she conquered the space she deserved in the dance scene. “I started to deepen my studies in locking and wacking in 2009 and 2010, respectively, when I started taking classes in these styles, and there was a huge identification, mainly due to the way everything was conducted”, says the dancer, who at the time was a student. by Ivo Âlcantara, from the Chemical Funk dance group and creator of several projects, and João Bispo.

Darlita Albino in locking style

© Marcelo Maragni

“So many well-known people crossing my path opened many doors in my career”, celebrates Darlita, who ended up becoming known in the field and today, in addition to teaching and practicing improvisation several days a week, she has been a dancer with Drik Barbosa since 2018 and with Djonga since 2022. “I’ve also been a choreographer for Gaby Amarantos since the time I started working with Drik, I couldn’t believe it when Gaby herself invited me to work with her.”

Darlita is proof that trying makes all the difference. Just as she didn’t believe that one day she would be choreographer for Gaby Amarantos, she also arrived discredited at the Red Bull Dance Your Style. “I knew all the competitors and there were only good people, and I had done a show the night before and I was practically turned”, reveals the dancer. “I just thought that something could come of it after the semi-final, and I think that was the secret: I was calm, giving my best of course, but without so much pressure.”

Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022

Darlita Albino in Johannesburg (South Africa)

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We already know the result: Darlita was the first Brazilian champion of the Red Bull Dance Your Style and won a place in the world final, in Johannesburg, South Africa. “I think every dancer dreams of going there and participating in the event provided me with a great cultural exchange”, says Darlita. “While gringos are very concerned with technique, it was clear that the connection Brazilians have with music goes much further.”

And maybe connection is the secret of Darlita’s victories, both with the moment and with her opponents. “I try to bring the potential of the people I’m battling into my dance,” she reveals. “I’ve been fighting since 2010 and in that time I’ve realized what works for me: going calmly, without pressure and with the thought that I can win, why not?”, he concludes.

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