Globoplay Doc revives never-solved murder of funk singer MC Daleste

Globoplay Doc revives never-solved murder of funk singer MC Daleste
Globoplay Doc revives never-solved murder of funk singer MC Daleste

One of Gloria Groove’s most famous songs, Red is directly inspired Red Mine, composition by Daniel Pedreira Sena Pellegrini, MC Daleste, a funk singer from the outskirts of São Paulo who was a success in the outskirts in the early 2010s, at the height of the so-called “funk ostentação”, in which singers of this genre narrated in their songs about having a lot of money , buying luxury cars and winning over women all over. What made Daleste famous worldwide, however, was his murder on a stage with a gunshot, in front of 5,000 people in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, in 2013 — the case was never solved. The trajectory of the MC and the appeal for the investigation to be reopened and the culprit found is shown in MC Daleste – They Killed Poor Locoa new Globoplay documentary that arrives on streaming this Friday, the 23rd, in four episodes.

In the reportage-style production of Fantastic, the series features testimonies from MC Daleste’s family, funk players, authorities who investigated the case, as well as interviews with alleged witnesses to the case who speak anonymously. “The big reason I agreed to this interview was the hope of reopening this case. It’s been 10 years. If I don’t do anything now, they won’t do anything ever again”, explains Rodrigo Pellegrini, Daleste’s brother in the first two episodes, which VEJA had early access to.

“I believe that 10 years ago it was unimaginable that a drag queen would be welcomed with open arms in a style like this [funk], so called by men. Being a funk artist is about talking openly about these experiences, so I think this is connected to being a drag queen. Maybe that’s why Daleste, even after no longer being here with us, was able to help me tell this profound story. There was a great intention of love and respect to be able to honor at the same time the history of Brazilian funk, São Paulo funk, and Daniel’s life. By Daniel Daleste and Daniel Garcia/Gloria Groove. After singing Red we know that Daleste lives”, says the drag queen also in the first chapter.

Daleste’s murder on a crowded stage and in front of thousands shocked Brazil and the world, as the crime was filmed from several angles, but the criminal was never located. In the first two episodes, the Globoplay series uses appealing devices to move: we see the funk singer’s humble origins, we hear his emotional friends and brothers, the visit to his grave, the memories of the funeral attended by many fans and acquaintances, until the testimony from a cemetery employee who attended the funeral. In this first part, the context of who the victim was could have been summarized more, but it shows who she was, however, the material in these first two episodes lacks any interesting news. It remains to be seen whether the complement will bring anything relevant that could instigate the reopening of the case.

Daniel Pellegrini was born in Penha, a neighborhood on the east side of São Paulo, and was the youngest of four brothers. He died at age 20. The Civil Police investigated the case, but never indicted any suspect due to lack of evidence. Possible motivations for the crime involved the hypothesis of jealousy towards a girl he had a relationship with; envy of her achievements; and even revenge for some attitude.

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MC Daleste – They Killed Poor Loco is directed by Guilherme Belarmino and Eliane Scardovelli — who is also the project’s screenwriter alongside Caio Cavechini.

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