New rumors point to a price increase on Netflix


The last few months have been very positive for Netflix. The video streaming service found a way to recover users and put an end to account sharing, albeit with users’ displeasure. New information confirms that Netflix has plans to increase its prices again, something that no one wants.


A price increase may be coming

After wasting a long time in the financial field, Netflix seems to have managed to find its formula for success. It managed to recover many of its profits, while also gaining new users by preventing account sharing between people.

Something it also did in this field was to increase the price of its plans, at the same time as it created proposals based on advertising, to have a broader offer. It was thought that many of these measures would end up excluding users, but the truth is that it had the opposite effect.

Recent rumors suggest that Netflix managers may be close to approving a new general price increase across all its plans. This information comes from Wall Street analysts, who agree that the company wants to take advantage of the moment to generate more revenue per user.

Netflix increases account prices

Netflix accounts are no longer shared

The announcement should happen very soon, still during 2024, despite Netflix having already increased prices at the end of last year. If true, this will be the second price change in just a few months. Netflix seems not to be afraid of losing users, as has been seen after the latest changes.

Netflix's co-CEO, Greg Peters, confirmed this in Netflix's latest earnings presentation. The manager stated that the changes, such as the ban on sharing accounts or the elimination of the cheapest basic plan, went very well, even better than the company expected. These were, in practice, hidden price increases.

These new measures do not appear to be positive for Netflix users. Of course, for the company it is a way to increase its profits and thus guarantee the satisfaction of shareholders, who hope that the company will return to the times when it was a real source of income.

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