Globo’s heartthrob actor detonated the channel’s journalism: “Disappointed”

Star of soap operas such as “Caras e Bocas” (2009) and “A Dona do Pedaço” (2019), Malvino Salvador criticized Globo’s journalism

Malvino Salvador, who has already shone in several Globo soap operas, opened the game about what he thinks about Globo’s journalism. voter of Jair Bolsonarothe broadcaster’s ex-contractor criticized the channel’s alleged tendency to position itself on left-wing ideas.

In an interview with the podcast “Cara a Tapa”, the actor praised the station, but made some reservations about its journalism.

“I think that Rede Globo has a fantastic history in relation to all this time, not only Rede Globo but Grupo Globo… Brazilians grew up watching soap operas mainly, Globo journalism. I now think I have to admit that I’ve been a little disappointed in journalism,” he declared.

Malvino Salvador continued: “I speak with an open heart, because I think journalism has to be impartial. You don’t have to take sides at all. There can be no side, who has to form conscience is the person, who has to have access to both sides of the coin”.


The actor went on to say that he does not agree with the station’s positions. “I think, I don’t know why, but I’m not seeing it, honestly. And I’m not afraid to say. Globo is a 10, I think only she can review it. There are sectors, right, in the dramaturgy part there, I think it’s brilliant. Journalism that has one thing that let me down a little bit and I get sad,” he declared.

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Finally, Malvino Salvador revealed what he believes is right on this occasion. “I just don’t think it can have an ideological bias, especially in journalism. Journalism has to be as impartial as possible. And even though you have an editorial, it has to be clear. Saying it like this: ‘I think that way, but I’m going to make room for the contradictory here’ ”, he concluded.

Malvino Salvador on the podcast
Malvino Salvador on the podcast “Cara a Tapa” (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

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