The Winchesters Reveal Dates for New Episodes on HBO Max

“It was a total pandemic lockdown in 2020 […] and we needed to do something creative”revealed our eternal Dean winchester, Jensen Ackles. Now, which revisits his character and produces the new spin-off series of Supernatural, The Winchesters. In short, focused on romance and hunting for John (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly), the parents of the iconic siblings, during the 70s. So, when the episodes premiered on Brazil fur HBO Max?

From start, Supernatural came through the mind of Eric Kripke (yes, the creator of the boys) in 2005 and, unusually, lasted for 15 years. Whereas, despite its initial plans to end Season 5, the show didn’t take long to become a global phenomenon. Including, not only having gone through different streaming platforms, but also, in the channel’s prime time SBT.

Furthermore, The Winchesters It was not the first attempt to expand Supernatural. After all, the episodes backdoor pilots, bloodlines (20×09) and Wayward Sisters (10×13), were rejected earlier. And out of similar chaos, the current spin-off was born. Since after being announced in 2021, Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen ackles fell out online, as the producer had not contacted or invited his longtime “brother” to the new venture.

Anyway, we finally have the long-awaited spin-off between us. So come with us, Streaming Brazilto find out the premiere dates of the next episodes of the 1st season of the show on HBO Max. Also, stay on top of other details about the future of the franchise!

The dates From episodes in The Winchesters at the HBO Max

(playback credits: HBO Max)

So it is, hunterswe are happily back on the road and world of Supernatural, through its first spin-off – to see the light of day. And just like the original series, the newcomer is also a production of Warner Bros Television and the channel The CW. That is, this being an original from the platform HBO Max. In that sense, we will accompany you there.

At the time of this publication, no details have been given on whether and when The Winchesters will be transmitted by Warner Channel Brazill. However, we do have the premiere dates for the next chapters – of this “first half” of season 1 – on streaming. So pay attention and write them down:

  • 1st episode – Now available on HBO Max;
  • 2nd episodeoctober 27 from 2022;
  • 3rd episodenovember 03 from 2022;
  • 4th episodenovember 10th from 2022;
  • 5th episodeNovember 17th from 2022;
  • 6th episode24th of November of 2022.

As seen, The Winchesters arrives weekly, on Thursdays, for the service at the Brazil. In fact, without simultaneous premieres and with a 9-day delay between their original broadcasts on the channel The CW (USA). Furthermore, despite having had 13 episodes ordered for its 1st season – half of the previously “standard” of Supernatural –, the series will go on hiatus after the episode 6. In short, because it is still in production and will need time.

In this sense, we can expect the return of the “second half” of the season only in 2023. For now, with a forecast – unofficial – between January and February. So, in the meantime come and see many other details already revealed to fans.

Special participations in Supernatural in the spin-off

(playback credits: HBO Max)

If there’s something that hunters most eager to see in the spin-off, they are certainly references and participations of already known characters. In particular, with their respective interpreters of SPN. And to our delight, there is no doubt that this will occur more than once. After all, not only does this universe (with immortal beings and time travelers) allow it, but the producers and cast have already confirmed that it does! At first, with Gil McKinney.

In retrospect, McKinney lived Henry Winchesterthe paternal grandfather of Sam and Deanseen in episodes of season 8 and 9 of Supernatural. Currently, he will return to his role in episode 7 in The Winchesters – probably, also in later. On the other hand, Jensen Ackles should not do more than the narration of the next chapters:

“We will hear Dean’s voice in each of the 13 episodes. But we won’t see him in all of them, as Jensen is very busy [como produtor e em outros projetos]evidenced Robbie Thompson (co-writer and showrunner).

– via TVLine

“[Fãs de Supernatural podem esperar ver] some very familiar faces that I still can’t reveal. Also, we have plans to bring in younger versions of characters that we may not have seen yet.”also revealed Thompson (previously to the same portal).

Continuing. For now, another name played – but not made official – was that of Ruth Connellthe beloved witch rowenaquoted by Danneel Acklesthe co-producer who also played the Sister Jo in the original series. In turn, who anticipated our doubts and said it was unlikely to return, as “its shell lived in the 2000s” (via EW). Even so, Misha Collins (Castiel), Rob Benedict (Chuck) and Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) expressed interest in revisiting their roles in The Winchesters:

“I think demanding might be too much, but, yes, we hope [poder participar]. We are definitely excited about the series and that possibility. Plus Thompson was the one who wrote some of my favorite episodes of Supernatural.”said benedictwhich he presents with speight the podcast Then and Now.

– via Entertainment Weekly

“It seems to me that [Os Winchesters] would benefit from a time-traveling angel and overcoat. Just saying…”suggested Collins in 2021 by twitter.

Still, the spin-off has already confirmed the inclusion of Tom Welling (in smallville) in the Season 1 cast as Samuel Campbellthe father of Mary Winchester (formerly lived by Mitch Pileggiin the 4th and 6th seasons of Supernatural). However, the craziest idea so far was to Jensen Ackleswhat “I would like to see all the Johns at some point” gathered (via EW) – in a kind of crossover à la Spider-Man: No Return Home.

Respect to canon and the akridas

Official banner and poster for the new Supernatural spin-off/derivative and prequel series titled The Winchesters with Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Drake Rodger as John Winchester and Meg Donnelly as Mary Campbell with weekly premiere dates on HBO Max by Warner Bros Television and The CW
(playback credits: HBO Max)

Finally, one of the biggest concerns of hunters is due to the interferences and the “retcons” (changes) in the canon of Supernatural with The Winchesters. In fact, in its first episode alone, the series already brought a threat of a multiversal level (never mentioned before), the “Akridas”and introduced John to the worlds of hunters a decade in advance. So should we be concerned? Know:

“One rule was clear early on: we will not destroy anything established by SPN, whether in the past, present or future. This I can promise the viewers.”relieved Thompsonwho also said to be “aware of all continuity”. “The deviations will be explained, as part of the Season 1 mystery”concluded the showrunner.

– via LA Times and TVLine

“We urge fans to follow the journey and trust us. Because many of those involved love the series and have lived it for 15 years. […] is a member of our family”appeased Danneel Ackles.

– via Entertainment Weekly

Furthermore, it is interesting to add that You winchesters used the advice of one of the creators of the Supernatural Wikiguiding them in what they could or could not be doing, according to the canon of this universe (via ScreenRant). Therefore, whether by erased memories or any other artifice, John, Mary and all characters must have their respective fates preserved.

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