Globo humiliates SBT and destroys ratings for Silvio Santos’ First Impact

The First Impact has left SBT in bad shape with increasing frequency: pointed out by fans of Silvio Santos’ station as an unprecedented phenomenon, the morning show is increasingly far from its glory days and has had difficulties to leave of third place. The newscast by Dudu Camargo, Darlisson Dutra and Marcão do Povo had already been suffering defeats for Record for several weeks, but lost more steam with the arrival of World Cup broadcasts on Globo, which took a considerable portion of the public away from the news.

Consolidated audience data for Greater São Paulo, obtained by the Pop TV with market sources, reveal that only one of the hosts of Primeiro Impacto managed to succeed in the mission of placing SBT in the vice-leadership: Dudu Camargo, who runs the journalistic from 6:00 am to 8:20 am, was the only anchor that surpassed Record. He beat his rival, which was showing the national version of the Balanço Geral Manhã (2.6) and part of the Balanço Geral SP Manhã (4.0) — which still managed to take second place due to the confrontation with Darlisson Dutra.

After the pupil of Silvio Santos said goodbye to the public, the performance of the popular newscast dropped drastically: shown between 7:00 am and 12:59 pm, the second edition of the format was unable to surpass any of the programs broadcast by Record. The Barra Funda broadcaster was second only with Balanço Geral SP Manhã, Fala Brasil (3.7), Hoje em Dia (3.0) and the first hour of Balanço Geral SP (5.7). In the same period, the SBT journalist did not go beyond 2.9 points on average, with Marcão do Povo as the presenter with the worst ratings.

Check the averages obtained by the programs of the main TV stations this Wednesday (23):

AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00) 17.5
Good morning SP 9.3
World Cup: Morocco v Croatia 13.2
Good morning Brazil 11.9
World Cup: Germany v Japan 14.9
SP1 16.4
World Cup: Spain v Costa Rica 16.9
newspaper today 14.4
World Cup: Belgium vs Canada 20.4
Worth Seeing Again: O Rei do Gado 19.4
sertao sea 20.9
SP2 22.9
Face and Courage 22.7
National Newspaper 25.3
Crossing 24.9
This is Us – Family Stories 13.9
Cup Center 8.5
Jornal da Globo 6.6
Conversation with Bial 4.8
Dude and Courage (re-introduction) 4.1
Comedy at Madruga: Vai Que Cola 3.4
hour 1 4.6
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00) 5.5
Morning Balance Sheet 2.6
General Balance Morning SP 4.0
Speak Brazil 3.7
Nowadays 3.0
General Balance SP 5.7
The ten Commandments 4.2
City Alert 6.6
City Alert SP 7.8
Jornal da Record 8.2
kings 7.0
Unparalleled Love 4.8
The Farm 14 8.3
Chicago Fire 4.4
Speaks, I hear you 1.2
Universal Church 0.5
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00) 3.9
First Impact 3.1
First Impact 2nd Edition 2.9
Maria Esperança 3.5
small platter 3.7
Crystal 3.7
Family Cases 3.4
gossiping 3.6
beware the angel 5.2
Overcoming Heartbreak 4.9
SBT Brazil 4.9
Poliana Moça 5.8
Accomplices to a Rescue 5.0
Mouse Program 3.5
The Night 2.3
Operation Mosque 2.1
Those Who Haven’t Seen Will See 1.6
The Best of Reporter Connection 1.2
SBT Brazil 2nd Edition 1.6
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00) 1.6
show of faith 0.1
Let’s go Brazil 0.3
The Chef with Edu Guedes 0.4
Open game 1.0
The Ball Owners 0.7
Good afternoon São Paulo 0.6
Best of the Afternoon 0.7
Brazil Urgent 3.1
Brazil Urgent SP 4.5
Band newspaper 4.4
Faustão in the Band 2.7
Life Value 1.2
Total Sport in the Cup 0.8
Cine Club: No Right to Redeem 0.8
Night news 0.8
What End Did It Take? 1.0
Total Sport 0.7
Jornal da Band (representation) 0.3
1st Journal 0.3
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00) 0.4
Grace Church 0.0
Good morning Sidney Oliveira 0.0
Ronnie SP Morning 0.2
ronnie’s morning 0.2
I’ll tell you 0.2
revival church 0.0
Elevate Shop 0.0
Polishop 0.0
Universal Church 0.0
the afternoon is yours 1.1
Universal Church 0.1
National Alert 0.8
TV network! News 0.6
show of faith 0.3
TV Fame 0.8
superpop 1.2
Dynamic reading 0.6
Amaury Jr. (representation) 0.2
Trouble (replay) 0.1
Grace Church 0.1

Each point represents 74,666 households and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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