Susana Vieira left Jojo speechless by saying that famous is dirty

Actress left everyone shocked with speech live on Globo

Susana Vieira became one of the biggest names in Brazilian dramaturgy due to his numerous important works on Globo. However, his talent is not the only factor that has won him thousands of fans.

That’s because, the actress is not afraid to expose what she thinks. Including, she has even left Jojo Todynho without ground.

On the occasion, the famous participated in the “Central da Copa”, on November 22, alongside Alex EscobarFred Guedes and the singer.

During the relaxed chat, Susana Vieira surprised Jojo Todynho when talking about the Skinviewers also commented on the speech on social media.


Thus, when talking about Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia, the actress remembered the former players of the Brazilian national team.

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“I always thought Maradona was very brutal. He was very strong.” began Susana Vieira.

Then, the actress from Globo made the comment about the soccer star: “I never thought Pelé was dirty, but then they showed me certain videos of him…”.

Susana Vieira participated in the Central Cup with Alex Escobar, Jojo Todynho and Fred Guedes (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)
Susana Vieira participated in the Central Cup with Alex Escobar, Jojo Todynho and Fred Guedes (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)


At the same instant, Jojo Todynho was floored and Susana Vieira had to explain her speech, which was in the sense of foul play.

“Do you understand when I talk about dirt? The one of the carts that we know nowadays. We played more polite football. Now, I don’t know how people don’t come out broke.”said the Globo actress.

It didn’t take long for Susana Viera’s speech on Globo to become a topic on Twitter, which debated on the subject.

Jojo Todynho was intrigued by Susana Vieira's statement (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)
Jojo Todynho was intrigued by Susana Vieira’s statement (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

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