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Having a smartwatch with advanced monitoring features today can be quite affordable. The DTNO.1 brand launched at the end of last year the DT8 Ultra model which, at a glance, takes us back to the Ultra version of the Apple Watch… but much cheaper. Does it exceed expectations?


The smartwatch is today a gadget suitable for practicing sports, but not only. It essentially serves as an extension of the smartphone, minimizing the number of times the screen is turned on just to see notifications.

But it is clear that its potential for monitoring physical activity, monitoring sleep and sedentary alerts, provide important data to the user.

The DTNO.1 DT8 Ultra has an extra factor, where it appears with an image very close to what the Apple Watch Ultra is, with its crown, the button on the right and the orange button on the left, in a rectangular frame. The fluted bracelet also appears as an inspiration. But in this case with a price that does not reach 30 €.

Inside the box

The DTNO.1 DT8 Ultra comes in a very compact box and is simply accompanied by the wireless charging base and the quick instruction manual. It is available in black, orange and gray, with orange being the color chosen for this analysis.

The box also indicates the app needed to synchronize the smartphone with the smartwatch, Wear Pro.

Smartwatch construction and design

The design topic has already been covered when comparing it to the competition. But there's more to it than that. This is a watch with quality finishes. The bracelet's rubber is very soft and comfortable, even though fitting it on the wrist is not very simple.

The screen's structure is made of metal, with a surprising finish for the range in which it belongs. On the right side there is a crown with a button, with functionality both when turning and when touching. Below there is the access button to the most recently used applications, where with a long press it is possible to turn off the clock or make an SOS call.

The orange button on the left allows direct access to the list of physical activities to start training. Above this button there is a speaker and it also has a microphone for making calls.

The touchscreen is 2.0″ and has a resolution of 420 x 485 pixels. At the bottom, next to the wrist, there is magnetic technology for charging and body monitoring sensors. There are also two small protrusions to help you remove the bracelet.

DTNO.1 DT8 Ultra Features

The DTNO.1 DT8 Ultra offers, in addition to monitoring physical activity, the possibility of measuring body temperature, analyzing heartbeats (with ECG) and oxygen levels in the blood. With the watch it is also possible to monitor sleep and count steps.

It should be noted that, compared to a model that I use daily from Huawei, only the body temperature values ​​are not close. In the case of sleep monitoring, the periods of falling asleep and waking up coincide, however, when analyzing periods of deep sleep, light sleep or REM, the information between them is no longer consistent.

The connection to the phone is made via the Wear Pro app, available for Android and iOS. All data collected by the watch is processed in the app. It also lets you change the dials and manage the notifications that come to the watch.

Since it has a microphone and speaker, it is perfect for answering loud calls, with a quality that makes more expensive models envious.

There are also small games available, ideal for entertaining the youngest.


The watch has a 208 mAh battery that fully charges in about 2 hours. In terms of autonomy, it is possible to reach 4 days without major restrictions on use.

However, it must be borne in mind that the watch does not have AMOLED technology, so that, in on-screen mode, consumption increases and may mean one less day of autonomy, so you should take into account the configuration of the screen so as not to impair the autonomy.


Considering the price of the product, honestly, I had low expectations. However, there are several details that are very surprising on the positive side.

Firstly, the watch has a very high quality construction and, for those who care about appearances, it is extremely similar to one of the most expensive and popular watches on the market. As a smartphone extension, for receiving notifications and for making calls, it is also a high quality option.

With regard to the monitoring of physical activities, the accuracy of the sensors does not seem to be the best, when compared to the model that I already use daily, which is also not one of the most accurate. However, to record activity times I consider it an excellent option.

The DTNO.1 DT8 Ultra smartwatch is available in orange, gray and black, starting at €25.19, including VAT and free shipping, using the exclusive discount code pplware5dis.

DTNO.1 DT8 Ultra

Pplware would like to thank DTNO.1 for providing the DTNO.1 DT8 Ultra smartwatch for analysis.

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