Summary of ‘Blood Occult’: After being fired, Vanda returns to the hospital with bombshell news

Summary of ‘Blood Occult’: After being fired, Vanda returns to the hospital with bombshell news
Summary of ‘Blood Occult’: After being fired, Vanda returns to the hospital with bombshell news

In the hospital corridor, Vanda calls Carmo and says she needs her help. At that moment, Benedita goes to the adoptive mother and tells her that she is going to leave the house, because she deceived her and used her. Calm down, the villain tells him that she understands, but that she doesn’t have to be the one to leave the room.

Patrícia arrives home, still dressed for the party, and Fábio is setting up the cinema system. Furious, he asks her where she slept and with whom. The girl doesn’t understand the interrogation and tells him that she slept at her mother’s house, as she had told her. The bandit, full of rage, makes a scene of enormous jealousy, making her feel very guilty. Júlia’s sister ends up apologizing to her and says she’s going to take a shower so they can watch a movie. However, the criminal tells him to disappear and leave him alone.

Tadeu and Joaquim are reopening the mini-market when Naná comes in and says she’s already set the wedding date. The dondoca reveals that she has scheduled the ceremony for the next holiday and Joaquim and Tadeu panic, saying that there is no time for anything. Maria’s mother, in turn, thinks it’s very middle class to plan a wedding in time and that way they still appear on the covers of magazines.

Remédios and Almeno enter her house, full of homesickness. Pedro’s mother tells her boyfriend that she is now in charge of the campsite. Tiago’s uncle is very pleased and starts giving him many ideas that he has. Remédios doesn’t love what he says, but in order not to disappoint him, he says he’ll talk to the administration.

Carolina, Pedro and Anna go to the bar and Tiago tells the girl that he had some ideas for her birthday party. Anna likes Tiago’s ideas more than Pedro’s and Carolina feels sorry for her boyfriend. Although he is upset, the paramedic says that what matters is that Anna is happy.

Teresa tells Noémia that Vanda offered to leave the house when Benedita confronted her about what she had done. The mother of the triplets says that no one takes it out of her head that she did it to be more comfortable, as she was scared of the cameras at home. Noemia agrees.

Rosa and Henrique get home and Carmo asks how he is. The security guard says he’s fine and ready to go back to work, but the boss tells him that she prefers that he rest a few more days, without prejudice to his salary. Henrique is pleased and when he leaves, Carmo talks to Rosa, saying that they will soon be unloading works of art and needs her to guarantee that everything will go well.

Vanda has everything ready to leave the house and talks to Paula, asking if Benedita is going down to say goodbye. The maid tells him that the doctor has left. The villain tells the employee that she still hasn’t given up on her family and that she will do everything to come back.

The water is heard running in the bathroom and Júlia enters the house, asking for her sister. Fábio stops her from going further and says that Patricia is not going to go out with her because she will be with him. The DJ starts to get upset, but the bandit implies that he’s going to take his girlfriend to bed and she ends up leaving.

In the bedroom, Patrícia has already gotten out of the shower and Fábio enters, stressed. The girlfriend tells him that she thought she heard her sister’s voice and he replies that she was there to control her. Patricia asks him not to start, but the bandit starts to seduce her, saying that she is only jealous because he likes her.

Vanda enters the hospital, triumphant. Dahlia and the security guard are behind her trying to prevent her from entering, but without success. Lídia goes to the villain, pretending to be her friend, and Vanda confesses that she knows they were never friends and that she saw how selfish she was and tried to use her.

César is in the hospital bar having coffee with Pedro and Bárbara and talking about the changes that Luís de Camões is going to undergo. A few moments later, Vanda enters, followed by Dália and the security guard. The doctor asks her to stop humiliating herself and leave, but the villain drops the bomb that she is part of the administration and that she will decide their lives.

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