Rebeca Abravanel throws herself on the studio floor and the audience screams

Rebeca Abravanel took a bold step on SBT

Living outside Brazil, Rebeca Abravanel has closely followed the steps of her husband, the player Alexandre Pato, who currently defends the jersey of Orlando City, in the United States. In this way, Silvio Santos’ daughter not only left the country, but also dropped her successful career at SBT.

At her father’s station, the presenter was responsible for commanding Roda a Roda Jequiti, an attraction that continues to be shown and presented by her sister, Patrícia Abravanel. Faced with the outcome, the former presenter decided to bring to light a moment lived in SBT this Thursday (18), through her social networks.

In Instagram stories, Rebeca Abravanel shared the video of an occasion where she went to the middle of the stage to do push-ups. It is worth noting that the exercises performed by Pato’s companion were to help one participant.

It turns out that the girl identified as Dona Júlia couldn’t get the words right and Rebeca entered the scene. “Dona Júlia, there are three physical exercises. Don’t you know? If they let me, I’d even show it,” said Silvio Santos’ daughter, who soon after won the director’s permission.

Therefore, Rebeca Abravanel went to the middle of the stage and tried to do push-ups. “Oh my God, I don’t know if I can do it, I think I’m getting a little old,” she said, who gave a scream after putting in the strength to perform the feat and sent the audience into a frenzy. “TBT”, reads the caption of her story.

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However, the presenter’s demonstration was worth it and Dona Júlia managed to get the word right in Roda a Roda and she did well.

Rebeca Abravanel doing push-ups at Roda a Roda Jequiti - Photo: Reproduction
Rebeca Abravanel doing push-ups at Roda a Roda Jequiti – Photo: Reproduction

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