Chinese company Xpeng arrives in Germany, with eyes also set on France, Italy and the United Kingdom


Xpeng already debuted in Europe some time ago, but the operation has been gradual. Now, the Chinese electric car manufacturer is launching two models in Germany, with its eyes set on France, Italy and the United Kingdom.


As we wrote, Xpeng entered the European market through the doors of Norway and behind the wheel of its G3 model. The expansion has been gradual and, in addition to the first Nordic country, the Chinese manufacturer has a presence in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

These countries are now joined by Germany, which will receive the P7 saloon and the G9 SUV, with deliveries starting next May.

Initially, its distribution network will consist of a total of 24 points of sale. If entry goes as planned, this number will increase to 120 locations by 2026.

Xpeng arrives in Germany with two proposals

The first electric model, the Xpeng P7, will be available in three versions – Long Range RWD (€49,600), Performance AWD (€58,600) and Wing Edition AWD (€69,600) -, competing with proposals such as the BYD Seal, the Polestar 2 and the Volkswagen ID.7.

All versions are equipped with an NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) battery with a capacity of 82.7 kWh. The Long Range RWD version is powered by 276 hp at the rear axle and is rated at 576 km WLTP. In turn, the AWD models have all-wheel drive, 473 hp and a WLTP range of 505 km. They reach 0-100 km/h in 6.7 and 4.1 seconds, respectively.

In terms of charging, the Xpeng P7 peaks at 170 kW direct current (10-80% in 29 minutes).


In addition to the P7, Xpeng is offering, in Germany, its G9, a more modern vehicle, available in three versions: Standard Range RWD, with an LFP (lithium-ferrophosphate) pack of 75.8 kWh (460 km WLTP) , for €57,600; Long Range RWD, with a 93.1 kWh NCM package (570 km WLTP), for €61,600; and Long Range AWD, with all-wheel drive and 551 hp, and a range of 520 km WLTP, for €69,900.

With the small battery, the G9 charges up to a maximum of 260 kW, while with the large battery it reaches 300 kW, going from 10 to 80% in 20 minutes.

After Germany, Xpeng has France, Italy and the United Kingdom in its sights, with very similar prices expected. The company wants to stand out in Europe and, to this end, has several new products planned for the next three years, including a completely new brand to be sold at more accessible prices.

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