UTAD welcomed new students

UTAD welcomed new students
UTAD welcomed new students

The University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) held on the 21st of September, the welcome session for new students, in the Aula Magna, which was very popular not only because of the presence of students, but also of many guests, being guest of honor the well-known climber João Garcia, “the first Portuguese on the summit of Everest”

“I hope you enjoy studying and being at UTAD”, as the dean, Emídio Gomes, expressed it in his welcome message. “We will do everything, in the present and in the future, to transform this destination of yours into the best university destination in Portugal and a destination with relevance even across borders”, he also assured.

“Each day we will be attentive to everything the students need – Emídio Gomes said in his speech. – Students are the dean’s attention at all times. Every moment we work is always for your future and for your well-being, whether when we hire the best teachers we can, or when we improve infrastructure”.

In the same session, the president of the Academic Association, Maria Ferreira, in a warm speech, testified to the pride that it is to belong to this family, UTAD, while emphasizing the academic environment that awaits new students, and describing the support infrastructure that will have, the nuclei and departments of AAUTAD. “We have the strength and voices to bring about change,” she underlined.

In turn, the mayor of Vila Real, Rui Santos, also a former student at UTAD and former president of the Academic Association, challenged the new students to mark their academic path with this motto: “More and more Vila Real is UTAD and UTAD is Vila Real”. He then described the potential of his city and the attractive conditions it presents, concluding that “living in Vila Real is being a little more Portuguese”.

The final part of the session was marked by the intervention of João Garcia, the famous climber who became known, as he himself recognized, for being “the first Portuguese who took our flag closer to heaven, without ceasing to have his feet on the ground”. Earth”. And he described in detail his 1999 adventure and how he was made a hero by the averageto manage to climb the 14 mountains of Everest, with more than 8000 meters of altitude, without the aid of artificial oxygen. An equally painful adventure, marked by the death of a fellow climber and, in his body, amputations of his fingers and nose.


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