Repsol exceeds 100,000 m3 of biofuels incorporated in Portugal

THE the year 2022 ended for Repsol with more than 100,000 m3 of biofuels incorporated into liquid road fuels of the brand, in Portugal. this junction allowed a reduction of about 264 thousand tons of CO2 in the mobility sector, contributing to the decarbonization of national road transport.

The company’s installation at the Banática Liquids Terminal, in the port of Lisbon, has played an important role in the Portuguese biofuels market. In this production unit, the incorporation of biofuelswhat are different from conventional ones due to the use of residues such as used cooking oilsanimal fats and municipal waste.

Repsol facilities

THE use of biofuels and synthetic fuels, in the future, will allow to reduce the carbon footprint by 90% and 100%, respectively. Currently, these are essential alternatives for public transport vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, planes and vessels.

It is incorporation makes it possible to gradually reduce emissionstaking advantage of the existing infrastructures, the efficiency of the solutions and the knowledge already developed.

Incorporation of biofuels

For Repsol CEO Armando Oliveira, the company has to be able to provide the necessary resources for society to make the energy transition, through innovation and various energy sources.

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During this transition, the oil company analyzed more than 40 types of waste and technologies in order to promote the production of advanced biofuels and to encourage other companies in the area to bet on this change.

By 2030, Repsol aims to produce two million tons of low-carbon fuels.

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