Anitta and Post Malone close Rock in Rio Lisboa amid fireworks and controversy with the flag of Spain

Anitta and Post Malone close Rock in Rio Lisboa amid fireworks and controversy with the flag of Spain
Anitta and Post Malone close Rock in Rio Lisboa amid fireworks and controversy with the flag of Spain

American rapper and Brazilian singer were responsible for bringing 80,000 people to the city of Rock. The last day of the festival also featured performances by the Portuguese HMB and Jason Derulo on the Mundo Stage

A full house on the last day of Rock in Rio Lisboa, with 80,000 people attending this Sunday at Parque da Bela Vista to watch concerts by HMB, Jason Derulo, Anitta and Post Malone on the Mundo Stage.

“The clothes have arrived!”, began by saying Anitta to journalists at the press conference that preceded the concert on the main stage of the City of Rock. This is because the costumes of the artist and the dancers had been lost by Air France and Anitta needed to “set up a shack” to get them to arrive in time for the show.

And they arrived. At the appointed time, the Brazilian entered the Mundo Stage sitting on a motorcycle and began the concert that many had been waiting to see. Walking around the venue, close to showtime, became an obstacle course with so many people walking around (and dancing a little everywhere), but few gave up.

As soon as the first chords of “Onda Different” sounded, the audience showed that they were there for the party and the singer did not disappoint, in that regard. Between sensual dances, the choreography of the song “Envolver”, the changes of clothes, the family on stage (boyfriend included), the show had everything to keep the crowd excited.

However, the concert was marked by a moment involving the singer and a Spanish flag. When singing the medley “Some that he comes behind / Loka / Romance with naughty”, the singer went down to the ditch that divides the two sides of the audience, ran to the back to be closer to the fans and when she returned to the stage someone extended a flag of Spain, which Anitta grabbed and displayed on stage.

If in Bela Vista Park no one whistled the quick gesture, on social media the flag quickly became the theme. There were those who called the singer “ignorant”, who advised her to study and who even said that “not being aware of the colors of the Portuguese flag is very bad for the singer”. The flag would eventually return to the audience shortly after being displayed on stage and the show continued, in several languages, as expected, given the artist’s repertoire.

Faced with the controversy, Anitta used Instagram to apologize for the lapse, saying that “she is not crazy”, but that “there was no Portuguese flag” in the show.

“Guys I know that the flag I took is from Spain, I just wanted to show a love for Spain. I’m not crazy to think that that was the flag of Portugal. I didn’t have the flag of Portugal”, said the singer. in Instagram stories, adding that he was unaware that there was a “fight” between the two countries and that he loves fans of both countries.

Proof of this is that on social media and during the concert, the singer did not get tired of professing her love for Portugal (where she traveled with her whole family) and for Portuguese fans, confessing that she was thrilled to step back on stage where she already had acted in 2018.

“I dreamed a lot about this day. I dreamed a lot about being back. I’m very excited. I’ll never forget this day. I’m loving it so much”, he shot in the middle of the concert, before the first costume change and the entrance on stage. family and boyfriend, producer Murda Beatz.

The show – which was made with this year’s Coachella sets – was stretched to 15 minutes and even had a third part. In the end, the public still asked for “one more”, but after the “Show das Poderosas”, Anitta left the scene and gave way to Post Malone.

For Inês, Rita, Adriana, Filipa and Patrícia, the show by the Brazilian artist was not what made them buy tickets – “it was the group of artists” -, but it was the concert that most satisfied them.

“It was phenomenal. Anitta is Anitta. It was spectacular, really phenomenal. Jason Derulo was very good, but Anitta is Anitta”, says the group of friends.

“One Man Show”

Anitta encouraged the hosts and Post Malone did not disappoint those who wanted to continue the party. The rapper appeared on stage alone, with a completely dark look (t-shirt from the “Lord of the Rings” saga included) with cigarette and glass in hand, and even if he hadn’t brought fireworks, smoke and fire on stage, he wouldn’t have disappointed .

Showing that it is a true “one man show”, Austin Richard Post performed several times and stated that he was very grateful to be back in Portugal.

“Thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. I’m really happy to be here,” Post Malone said several times throughout the concert.

Showing himself to be very communicative with the public and even trying some more sensual dance moves (“Forgive me, but I still have the extra pounds of the pandemic”, he apologized), the rapper was not intimidated by the 80 thousand people who spread out in front of the stage and presented a lineup of just one hour (the concert should have lasted an hour and a half) that kicked off with full power with “Wow” and “Better Now”.

And if there were songs that only true fans knew at the tip of their tongue, there were others that would end up transforming the Bela Vista Park grounds back into an open-air disco, or were they not well known to the public, as is the case with ” Candy Paint” and “Rockstar”.

Before each song, the artist made a point of explaining what each one meant, as was the case with “I like You”, which he wrote for a girlfriend he really liked, and “Circles”, which portrays “a height of life in which I was stuck in a relationship”.

The concert ended with “Congratulations” (and the singer running through the audience) after Post Malone took the risk of playing guitar, in an acoustic moment, to perform the songs “Go Flex” and “Stay”. The audience applauded and ended up encouraging the musician to destroy the instrument, which would eventually happen.

“I am surprised by the quality of the singers we saw today. The first show (HMB) was very good, the second (Jason Derulo) was sensational, Anitta was speechless and Post Malone, damn, was very good”, stated Roberto Rui. , who came to Rock in Rio for the seventh time and who, in 2018, was stuck on the festival slide dressed as Batman.

A show of music and dancing in the sun

If Post Malone was king and lord of the night, Jason Derulo was in charge of livening up the evening. This task was facilitated by the team of dancers who accompanied the singer from Florida and the choreographies rehearsed in detail.

A phenomenon in tik tok and with several successes on streaming platforms (and not only), Jason Derulo delivered everything from the beginning of the concert to an audience that was waiting for him under the sun. The show started with “Watcha Say” with the singer still secluded on stage, before appearing on the pier to the delight of the fans.

In a growing concert, the high moments happened when the best known songs from the audience sounded – as was the case with “Take you dancing”, “Savage Love”, “In my head” and “Talk Dirty” -, but also when the singer debuted the song “Slidin'” live.

“Put your cell phones on the air, if we want to go viral, it’s now!”, asked the speaker of the concert. And the fans did just that: cell phone in hand, they followed the artist, showing that they already know the song released in May of this year by heart.

An hour after the concert, a Jason Derulo, already without a coat, shirt or tank top, left the stage, assuring the Portuguese public that it was a “pleasure” to be at the festival, to make way for Post Malone.

Start in Portuguese with HMB

The last day on the Mundo Stage started with the Portuguese HMB, who had the arduous task of starting to cheer up the audience that arrived early to see the shows and enjoy the City of Rock that filled every minute that passed.

Héber Marques and company took the stage at 17:00 and over the course of an hour they performed songs such as “O amor é assim”, “Peito”, “Naptel Xulima” and “Don’t take me wrong”, in a concert in a warm and which was guided by the conversations that took place between the groups that had just arrived at the venue.

The band still managed to attract festival-goers with the choreography of “Cdqp” (“The fault of those who gave birth”) and “Naptel Xulima”, but it was the ballad “Peito” that had the Bela Vista park singing at the top of its lungs.

In an interview with CNN Portugal after the concert, the band was satisfied with their debut on the festival’s main stage and with the public’s response.

“It was incredible from the first to the last moment, the audience was with us. And there’s no better feeling. We’ve been to Brazil, we’ve already been on the other stage here, so it’s home for us and it’s a pride for us to be part of a festival that supports our music and Portuguese music”, they said.

Rock in Rio Lisboa is scheduled to return in 2024 after this year it received, over four days, around 287 thousand people: 74 thousand on the first Saturday, 63 thousand on the first Sunday, 70 thousand this Saturday and 80 thousand this Sunday, the only day with sold out.

The article is in Portuguese

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