Jairzinho says who can be the face of the Cup and praises the team’s quartet

Jairzinho says who can be the face of the Cup and praises the team’s quartet
Jairzinho says who can be the face of the Cup and praises the team’s quartet

In 1970, Pelé reached the World Cup in Mexico as Brazil’s biggest star. The King was 29 years old and was named the tournament’s best player, but it was another Brazilian, Jairzinho, who earned the nickname “Hurricane of the Cup”. Questioned by UOL Esporte about who can be the “guy” of the Qatar Cup, which starts at the end of November, he recalled his story to talk about Vini Jr., the Real Madrid striker.

“Vini Jr. can explode. Usually the ‘guy’ of the Cup comes from a rise previous. Neymar is already a positive expectation, we know how he plays and what he can give or not. From him, you can’t wait for a revolution. He will be a part so that others can play this role of surprise within the gear,” he said. “So he can be the guy in the Cup like any other guy in the attack can be, even Pedro himself, or Vini Jr., what already mentioned,” he continued.

According to him, it’s like the Tri of 70. “In 70, who was the guy at the World Cup? Then you answer: ‘Pelé’. So that’s it, but who was the guy at the Cup? Jairzinho, with seven goals scored in six matches. The expectation is all focused on Neymar, but suddenly it could be someone else. That’s what happened in 70 with Pelé”.

Magic Four?

The “Furacão” also talked about the offensive quartet of Brazil, formed by Neymar, Richarlison, Vini Jr and Raphinha. And he praised the “integration” of the athletes. “I’m happy, they are high-level players and one is helping the other. They already know each other’s characteristics and that makes it easier. come to play in the World Cup final,” said Jairzinho.

Racism: “Pure Envy”

In the interview, the former striker addressed the latest cases of racism in football – such as bananas thrown on the field, a fact that occurred with striker Richarlison in Brazil’s last game.

Fans throw banana in celebration of Richarlison in the goal of the Brazilian team against Tunisia

Image: Reproduction

He, who revealed that he had not suffered such offenses in his career, considered such acts as “pure envy”.

“Thank God, I didn’t go through such a sad and shameful episode like this one, they are totally unqualified people, it’s pure envy. You have to find out who threw that banana. Did they find the person? I speak for myself, not for others: if happened, it wouldn’t affect me, because my goal was being achieved”, he concluded.

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