Santos Silva forgives sex scandal; crisis in rents

Santos Silva forgives sex scandal; crisis in rents
Santos Silva forgives sex scandal; crisis in rents

BOm Day! In the national press since Sunday, October 2nd, stay up to date with the main highlights that make the covers of newspapers.

Let’s start with Morning mail that “Santos Silva forgives a sex scandal” involving a diplomat.

Another of the titles to be highlighted is the Aximage poll on the first page of News Diary – shared with TSF and Jornal de Notícias – which reports that “Eight months after the absolute majority, PS overtaken by the right.

At the Publicthe focus goes to the “Limit to rising rents threatens contract renewal”

“Thousands of Timorese in Portugal deceived by criminal networks” is the headline on the cover of Newspapernext to the clash between V. Guimarães and Benfica.

In the sports newspapers, the tie in the game between V. Guimarães and Benfica is the topic of the day with record saying that “Eagle comes down to earth”, The ball writing “Stop” and “Alto e para o baile”, by The game.

Read all titles:


– “Limit to increase in rents threatens contract renewal”

– “Report: Coal is the gold of the Ribatejo parish of Santana do Mato”

– “Elections: Brazilians are putting their democracy to the test today”

– “São Paulo: Brazil is armed and makes it a way of life”

– “Terceira Island: After its heyday, Lajes are a block to development”

– “PJ Searches: Verbal contract implied PCM’s secretary-general”

– “Football: Vitória is the first to stop Benfica this season”

– “Right of reply: Players denounce harassment in national football”


– “Thousands of Timorese in Portugal deceived by criminal networks”

– “V. Guimarães 0-0 Benfica: Asleep in the crib”

– “Brazil: Bolsonaro and Lula in a duel of hate”

– “Sexual abuse leads bishops’ leader to Vatican”

– “News Magazine: ‘I’m a black in construction, I’m not a white in deconstruction’ [Dino d’Santiago]”

– “FC Porto: Pinto da Costa launches warnings to those who are thinking of succeeding him”

– “Right overtakes Left for the first time in two years”

– “JN/TSF Interview: ‘It is strange that Santarém could be a good solution for the airport’ – Fernando de Almeida Santos, Chairman of the Engineers”

– “Valongo: TGV doubles the railway line and unties the Ermesinde knot”

– “Forum: Sustainable policies in innovative debate”

News Diary:

– “Aximage DN/TSF/JN poll: Eight months after the absolute majority, PS overtaken by the right”

– “Revista Notícias Magazine: ‘I am a black man under construction, I am not a white man under deconstruction’: Dino d’Santiago”

– “Brazil Special: Elections from Arruda to Zema”

– “The ex-worker who was arrested and the soldier who became head of state”

– “Interview with the president of Casa do Brasil: ‘The important thing is that whoever wins can represent democracy'”

– “Precariousness and stagnant careers: Public universities at risk for not being able to retain professionals”

– “Lack of materials: Construction replaces Ukrainian metals with productions from Korea and India”

– “Alpiarça Eagles: Flying since 1922, now with the help of President Luísa”

– “Javier Blas, co-author of ‘The World for Sale’: Sanctions applied months after they were announced “give Putin time to adapt and there are brokers to help him adapt”

Morning mail:

– “Diplomat in sex scene with police: Santos Silva forgives sex scandal”

– “Eagle fails castle assault”

– “Injury is not serious: Uribe Dragon operated on the right wrist”

– “Errors against Gil: Amorim worried about the Champions League game”

– “Gap in the law leaves perpetrators of animal abuse unpunished”

– “Portuguese armored in Ukraine”

– “Brazil to vote between fear and hope”

– “Santarém: Young man stabbed to death on a bar terrace”

– “Case reaches Marcelo: Leader of the bishops suspected of covering up sexual abuse”

– “Vaccine administration: Pharmacists ‘win’ war on nurses”

– “Sara’s death took away David Carreira’s faith”

The ball:

– “Guimarães Wall stops Benfica: Stop”

– “Sporting: Alvalade has a new Japanese hero”


– “Eagle descends to earth”

– “Leader made only 6 shots and Brooks entered the striker”

– “Double round in the Champions League: Porro and Coates fit for Marseille”

– “Marsah in cleaning mode”

– “Morita released for the best season ever”

– “Uribe operated but recoverable”

– “Pinto da Costa on the attack: ‘I hope to finish in a long time, to annoy some…'”

The game:

– “V. Guimarães 0-0 Benfica: Stop the dance”

– “FC Porto: Pepê fills the field”

– “Sporting: Morita with margin to be more lethal”

– “Women’s football: Famalicão removes Samuel Costa”

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