Lula voters innovate by voting with the colors of the national team

NoIn the last four years, since the shirt of the Brazilian team became a symbol of support for Bolsonaro, micro-businesswoman Claudia Maria de Miranda Lima began to feel ashamed of the green-yellow. She stopped using. This year, she came to her senses: “What is this crazy thing?, I asked myself. These symbols are ours.” Lima, a Lula voter, lovingly prepared the outfit for voting day: green sweatpants, yellow shirt with a star. In hand, a red coat. “I experienced the end of the dictatorship, my first political memory is the campaign for amnesty… I understand myself as a political being and I will not let Bolsonarism appropriate things that are so representative for me, such as the colors of my country”, she emphasizes. .

Lima was part of a timid but noticeable movement to recover yellow, which in 2013 began to be used in demonstrations against the Dilma Rousseff government and since then has become the color associated with Bolsonaro’s voters. In many Brazilian cities, such as Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, the yellow shirts of Bolsonarista voters, some with stickers on their chests, followed one another on the streets – but in a very different volume from the canarian procession that took over the country in 2018. In Copacabana, in the Zona South of Rio, the selection shirt was the outfit that doorman Luiz Carlos Gomes chose to express his opinion: “I am a patriot and I am Bolsonaro. The shirt is saying that.” In Botafogo, also in the South Zone, developer Luiz Eduardo, 29, who declined to give his last name, also used hopscotch: “It’s support for Bolsonaro and the country. It is a symbol that the left cannot embrace, because it defends a globalist government, so it is not patriotic.”

For Brazilian voters abroad, yellow remains a symbol of the president who is running for reelection – but it was also used by Lula’s supporters. In Madrid’s electoral district, located at Colégio Maior Casa do Brasil, businessman Marcos Aurélio Alves Martins wore his shirt to make his vote for Bolsonaro clear: “It’s to show which side I’m on. I’ve decided on a side and I want people to know. It’s the same as choosing a team and going out with their shirt on the street.” A resident of the Spanish capital since 2007, the man from Paraná is participating for the third time in a presidential election abroad. Although he thinks the hopscotch represents the chosen side, he liked that some Lula supporters wore the same garb in Spain. “Fortunately, there is democracy here in Spain. It makes no sense to stop wearing certain things because it represents certain people,” he adds.

In Madrid, businessman Marcos Aurélio Alves Martins, from Paraná, wore the shirt in order to make his vote for Bolsonaro clear. — Photo: Eduardo Chaves

Born in Balsas, Maranhão, Lenesson Salles has lived in Madrid for three years and works with cargo transport. Accompanied by two friends, he attended his first general election away from home and voted for Bolsonaro. For him, the yellow shirt represents his origin, of which he is very proud: “I am Brazilian, so I can wear it when I vote and wherever I want.” The man from Maranhão says that the use of the shirt had its purpose distorted and the one who loses the most is democracy. “They associate with a right-wing party now, just as they did with the red shirt for the PT or another left-wing party. Freedom is lacking,” Lenesson says.

Back in Rio’s South Zone, the desire to rescue the country’s symbol color led DJ João Maizena, 36, and bartender Milina Lopes, 37, to wear yellow this Sunday. She chose a yellow shirt with the red star, and he chose a yellow shirt with Lula’s “hello, olê, olê, olá” on it. Lopes works at a rock bar in Ipanema and has already worn the shirt during work hours. “Some people found the yellow strange, but when they saw the star, they understood the message”, she says. For Maizena, using yellow is a way of saying that national symbols are not exclusive to Bolsonaristas. “This year is the Cup year and I want to feel comfortable with the colors of the national team again. They stole the national team shirt, but I want to take it back.”

João Maizena and Milina Lopes: in yellow to vote for Lula – Photo: Fernanda da Escóssia

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