Former PM secretary and bookie are targets of MP operation that has already seized BRL 500,000 in cash

With 26 arrest warrants, including targets such as bookies Bernardo Bello and Marcelo Simões Mesqueu, Marcelo Cupim, the Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP-RJ) launched Operation End of the Line this Tuesday. The focus is on the repression of crimes of corruption and money laundering resulting from the exploitation of games of chance. One of the addresses for the 57 search and seizure warrants authorized by the Court is the residence of Colonel Rogério Figueredo de Lacerda, former state secretary of the Military Police. By 8:40 am, 10 people had been arrested.

Bernardo Bello and Termite were not found at home. The operation found R$435,000 in cash at the home of PM sergeant Alexandre Ribeiro da Silva, who was denounced as a member of the organization.

R$ 435,000 in cash were found at the home of PM sergeant Alexandre Ribeiro da Silva, one of the targets of Operation End of the Line Photo: Reproduction

At the home of Altamir Senna Oliveira Junior, Mizinho, the teams found R$31,800 in cash. He is among those arrested in this operation.

The investigation was conducted by the Specialized Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (Gaeco), from the MP-RJ, based on the identification of the person responsible for making the cards for illegal bingo games operated by criminal organizations in Rio, including a bingo discovered in Copacabana, South Zone of Rio. To enable, enhance and ensure financial advantages, organizations use different ways to defraud the results of games, corrupt military police and use violence to conquer territory.

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The warrants were issued by the 1st Specialized Organized Crime Court of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice. The investigation was opened after criminal news about clandestine bingo that would work in Copacabana with the permission of military police.

Gaeco also identified the practice of systemic corruption by Military Police battalions, with four officers being searched for and apprehended.

Colonel Figueredo was removed from his post as secretary of the Military Police in August last year. As the decision was taken by Governor Cláudio Castro on a Sunday, it was speculated at the time that the Guanabara Palace had become aware that the PM officer was already the target of investigation.

In a note, the State Government “informs that the change of command at the Military Police Secretariat, in August 2021 – therefore, a year and three months before the operation carried out today by the State Public Prosecutor’s Office – is part of an administrative routine. The replacement was made as well as in other secretariats and these exchanges are part of the management”.

Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rio carries out 26 arrest warrants and 57 search and seizure warrants during Operation End of the Line Photo: Fabiano Rocha/Agência O Globo

Activity centers

The 23 denounced in the End of Line operation were divided into three nuclei: “Bingo Cascadura”, a gang led by Marcelo Simões Mesqueu, Marcelo Cupim; “Bingo Olímpico”, led by Bernardo Bello; and “Bingo Saens Pena”. According to Gaeco, these organizations, in order to maintain the exploitation of games of chance, use different ways to defraud the results of the games, corrupt civil and military police, hide and disguise the nature, origin, location and movement of properties or values , and still resort to violence, even murdering people, whenever necessary.

The starting point of the investigation was a report, produced by Gaeco’s Data Analysis Sector, regarding Talles Xavier’s performance as the person responsible for the graphics that would make the cards for illegal bingo games exploited by criminal organizations in Rio. The analysis of Talles’ e-mail box allowed us to conclude that, in addition to making the cards used in bingos throughout the State, he acts as an intermediary between the offenders and other members who make up the graphic core of the organizations.

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Those accused of being part of the scheme, who were denounced in this operation, are divided as follows:

Olympic Nucleus: Bernardo Bello Pimentel Barbosa (aka Play, Garoto, Bernar or Bernardo); Marco Antonio Figueiredo Martins (Marquinho or Marquinho Catiri, in a complaint filed before his murder); Paulo Roberto Alves Matos (Paulinho or Chorus); Altamir Senna Oliveira Junior (“Mizinho); Mauricio Boechat Zwirman (Boss); Fabio Dias Ferreira Coelho (Fabio Passarinho or Fabio); Claudio Braga Elias Jorge (Kaka); Thiago Peixoto Valença; Karla Adriana Brandão de Lima (Karlona); Carla de Paiva Sousa (Carlinha); Roberto Oliveira de Faria Junior (Betinho) and Talles Xavier.

Núcleo Cascadura: Marcelo Simões Mesqueu (also known as Termite or Insect); Adriano Maciel De Souza (Chuca); Carlos Roberto Nassar Junior (Beard, Junior” or Nassar); Rui Pedro Maia Ventura Fragoso (Fragoso or Pedro); José Carlos de Jesus Ennes (Carlinhos or Carlinhos Cascadura); Alexandre Ribeiro da Silva (PM, known as Ribeiro); Marco Aurélio da Costa Scalercio (also PM, Marquinho or Scalercio); Rodrigo Cardoso da Silva Alves (PM, commonly known as Cardoso); Denildes Abreu Palhano; Alan Pagio Catrinck Dalbó; and David Oliveira de Assis.

Saens Pena Nucleus: Marcos Costa Guimarães (Marcão); Julio Cesar Blaso da Costa (Julinho); Ruy de Oliveira Filho; Flavio Teixeira Oliveira (Flavinho); Alexandre Cavalcante Ferreira; Leonardo Lopes Daiha (Leo); Marcio Leite de Castro; Danubia Cristina Rodrigues de Melo; Gustavo Leonardo da Silva Figueiredo; Sergio da Costa Alvaro (Sergio Pastor); Talles Xavier; Julio Cesar Moraes dos Santos; and Alan Pagio Catrinck Dalbó.

Bello was arrested this year

In January, Bernardo Bello was surprised and arrested at the airport in Bogotá, Colombia, while allegedly following an escape route. Accused of ordering the death of rival Alcebíades Garcia, known as Bid, in a dispute over points for slot machines and jogo do bicho, he was eventually released and returned to Brazil by decision of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

Memory: Bernardo Bello’s arrest brings a new chapter to the history of the Garcia family, which has had five deaths since 2004

Investigations concluded that Bid’s death was motivated by a dispute with Bello for control of the misdemeanor points in the South Zone of Rio. Dissatisfied with Bello’s dominance over the contravention points in the South Zone of Rio, Bid reportedly threatened to take them back.

Marcelo Cupim, on the other hand, would have leased from José Caruzzo Escafura, Piruinha, the operations of Jogo do Bicho in part of the North Zone of Rio. In 2016, he was sentenced to four years and six months in prison by the Federal Court. He is accused of leading a gang that exploits slot machines in Campos dos Goytacazes, in the north of the state.

Who is Bernardo Bello?

Offender Bernardo Bello is accused of being the intellectual mentor of Bid’s death, in February 2020, when he returned from Marquês de Sapucaí. The motivation would be the control of the illegal businesses of the Garcia family, related to gambling points and exploitation of slot machines.

Bid was the brother of Waldemir Paes Garcia, known as Maninho, former father-in-law of Bernardo, who was also murdered on September 28, 2004, in the Parish. Bello was married to one of Maninho’s daughters, Tamara Garcia. Bid’s death came amid the struggle for influence.

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Investigations by the Civil Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which led to Bello’s arrest in January of this year in Colombia, also reveal an intimate relationship between Bello and former Bope captain Adriano da Nóbrega, who was killed in February 2020 during a police operation. in Bahia. Adriano headed the Office of Crime group of hired killers and was accused of being part of a militia in Rio.

The beginning of the troubled relationship between the two dates back to 2006, when the officer started working as a security guard for José José Luís de Barros Lopes, Zé Personal, then husband of Shanna Garcia, Tamara’s sister. In 2008, when Adriano was investigated for a series of homicides ordered by his boss, Bello stated, in a statement to the police, that his life was at risk due to a disagreement between Zé Personal and the rest of Maninho’s family. Two years later, Bello went to the 16th DP (Barra da Tijuca) to denounce an alleged plan by Adriano to kill him.

In 2016 and 2017, a period in which the offender was already on the board of directors of Vila Isabel, an association he presided over between 2017 and 2018, Adriano received credentials from the Independent League of Samba Schools to parade as director of the school. The documents were seized in one of the Public Ministry’s actions to arrest him.

Bid’s family: other crimes

Maninho, Bid’s brother, was killed on September 28, 2004, as he was leaving a gym in Freguesia, in Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone. In January 2008, Bid went to the Civil Police to report that his niece, Shanna Harrouche Garcia — daughter of Maninho — had invaded his farm, located on Estrada Rio-Friburgo, in the midst of a family dispute over her father’s estate. and Shanna’s grandfather, Waldomiro Paes Garcia, Miro.

According to the account, Shanna was on the farm with a “foreman”, ordered him to evict all employees from the property, removed cattle from the site and left armed men at the site. She would also have changed the locks on the property.

On November 8, 2019, Shanna was shot in a mall in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in the West Zone of Rio. At the time, she was hit by two shots and suffered serious injuries. Shortly after the crime, Shanna accused her ex-brother-in-law, Bernardo Bello.

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