Daniel Alves asked Joana Sanz to post a photo of them holding hands, says Spanish TV


Daniel Alves asked Joana Sanz to publish a supportive photo to deny rumors of the end of the relationship. Joina visited Daniel during the trial in Spain and reported the return of the relationship because she did not want to leave her husband aside in this situation.

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A photo that was published by Joana Sanz in his Instagram stories last Monday, the 1st, it would have been a request from Daniel Alves. The information was broadcast by the Spanish broadcaster 20minutos. According to media sources, the former Brazilian player asked the model to publish the photo to show that Joana is supporting him and deny rumors that the two had broken up.

The former player was provisionally released by the Spanish Court after paying bail of one million euros (R$ 5.4 million, at today’s exchange rate).

In addition to the money, Daniel will have to appear in court whenever requested. Furthermore, he will not be able to leave Spain and had to hand over his passports. He will also not be able to approach the victim or make any type of contact.

Joana reportedly met with Daniel Alves and visited the former full-back at his home in Barcelona last weekend.

The model had indicated the end of her marriage to Daniel, but resumed in March last year, providing full support in the period leading up to the trial.

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According to her, the reason for the return of the relationship was “not wanting to leave her husband aside in this difficult situation”.

The couple met in 2015 and got married two years later, in Ibiza. Joana made several posts on her social networks that talked about “hanging in there”.

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