“I would be unable to fall in love with a competitor or a competitor’s family member”


Teresa Guilherme sends another ‘peck’ to Cristina Ferreira live.

Cristina Ferreira and João Monteiro were once again a featured topic on CMTV’s “Noite das Estrelas” this Monday, April 1st. Teresa Guilherme didn’t miss the opportunity to throw ‘barbs’ at Cristina Ferreira again.

Maya started by joking about how the couple fell in love: “She entered the hallway or looked at the bench… I don’t know how Big Brother goes behind the scenes“.

I know mine, I have no idea about these“, Teresa Guilherme reacted about BB’s behind-the-scenes.

And you never fell in love there? This isn’t a question to ask either, I’m sorry.a”, asked Maya. Teresa Guilherme reacted and assured: “No, I would be unable to fall in love with a competitor, unable to fall in love with a competitor’s family member“.

Teresa Guilherme then explained: “Not because the competitors didn’t deserve it, but because I think it’s promiscuity, I considered the competitors to be my children. For me it’s a rule that people don’t get involved with the people they are working with“.

Here and there [Cristina Ferreira] have not been involved with a person you are working withr”, retorted Daniel Nascimento. “Yes, but it’s the brother, it’s going to be the same. But this is my perspective and it has to do with my age, it has nothing to do with her or her principles, it has to do with my principles, she has others“, added Teresa Guilherme.

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